Bin, Lid and Filters for White Gtech AirRam

This replacement bin and bin lid for your white Gtech AirRam comes with 2 new filters.

AirRam technology does away with bags and cylinders used by many traditional vacuums. Instead, AirRam filters and compresses the dirt, dust and debris into conveniently-sized bales as it collects it in this handy bin.

This white vacuum bin will allow your AirRam to collect and compress the dust and dirt you encounter whilst vacuuming the home.

Designed for use with the white Gtech AirRam, the replacement vacuum bin and lid is easy to fit. It simply slots into position in the foot of the vacuum. The new filters that are included will ensure that your AirRam returns to maximum efficiency.

When emptying the vacuum bin, all you have to do is remove the bin from the vacuum, then unclip the  lid and tap the bales into the dustbin. And you don’t have to worry about large dusty clouds or mess. Just fit the lid back into place and slot the bin back into your AiRam.

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