Pro 2

The Gtech Pro 2 stick vacuum combines the ease of cordless with the versatility of an upright and handheld. Large capacity, high-performance bags remove the need to wash or clean filters, and make emptying more hygienic by keeping your bin and the surrounding area dust-free.

  • Stick & Handheld Vacuum
  • Powered Brush Head
  • Low Maintenance, Hygienic Cleaning
  • LED Lights
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Pro 2 high performance cordless stick vacuum cleaner Pro 2 high performance cordless stick vacuum cleaner

High-Performance Pick Up

The new and improved Gtech Pro 2 provides high-performance cordless cleaning across carpets, hard floors and even floors with deep crevices. The Pro 2's powered brush head features Gtech's unique AirLOC TechnologyΔ, designed to pick up larger debris while you vacuum forwards, and lifts fine dirt, dust and embedded hair on the backstroke. Plus, the powered brush bar resists the build up of hair to keep your vacuum tangle-free.

Pro 2 2 in 1 cordless vacuumPro 2 2 in 1 cordless vacuum

2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum

Our Pro 2 stick vacuum can be instantly transformed into a handheld for upholstery, stairs, and other tricky spots like skirting boards± and tight corners. By using the attachments in different configurations, there are 11 possible cleaning modes, each offering manoeuvrability as well as cleaning performance.

Eliminate the dust cloud…

Fused together at the top and sides, our hygienic vacuum bags are robust. They can retain dirt without tearing during disposal, so you can avoid the dust cloud when emptying, and keep your home dust-free.

Enhanced cleaning capacity…

To ensure you get the most use out of each bag, the airflow continually pushes dirt down into the bag as you vacuum. Plus, the pleats in the bags increase their dust capacity (holding more than you might think), meaning you can go longer without having to change them. You get the same cleaning performance as a bagless vacuum, but with extra efficiency due to not having a cyclone bin, which uses additional power.

Triple-layered filter bag…

The Pro 2’s vacuum bags are made up of three breathable layers which filter different grades of dust and debris. This helps the Pro 2's airflow to compress dirt more efficiently, giving you maximum capacity and durability. Each bag essentially acts as a filter, trapping dirt and dust, meaning you're getting a fresh clean every time you use a new bag - it's convenient and hygienic cleaning in one.

How long will the bag last?

The number of bags you’ll use depends on how many people live in your home, whether or not you have children and pets, and your general cleaning regime. Homes with pets and children, where cleaning is done 3 times a week, average just 10 bags a year. You will get 4 bags included FREE with your Pro 2, and an extra pack of 10 replacement bags costs just £12.99.

Pro 2 vacuum cleaner with bags

Lightweight and cordless

Despite making the Pro 2 extra tough, we've kept it lightweight at just 2.8kg. And with no cord to hold you back, you can move from room to room with ease. Plus, the twin aluminium tubes makes above-the-floor cleaning lighter, as well as making storage even more simple.

Lightweight Pro 2 vacuum cleaner with bags

Long runtime

We've powered this vacuum with a 22V lithium-ion battery, which fully charges in just 4 hours, and has a 4-stage LED indicator showing how much charge is left. With 2 power settings to choose from, you're in control of how you clean. Choose our 'Eco' mode for up to 40 minutes of runtime* or ramp it up with 'Max' mode for up to 20 minutes*.

Pro 2 vacuum cleaner with bags

Low maintenance

Our bagged vacuum cleaner is very easy to maintain. The bag acts as the filter, so every time you fit a new bag you're essentially fitting a brand new filter. The bags are incredibly easy to fit too. Simply lift the Pro's lid and the bag pulls easily off its rubber seal, reattach a new one and you're ready to go!

Pro 2 vacuum cleaner with bags LED lights

LED lights

With LED lights along the front of the power floor head, you can illuminate the cleaning area ahead. Or if you're using your Pro 2 in handheld mode, there's a singular LED allowing you to clean with precision. Whether it's underneath your sofa, coffee table or bed, dirt and dust have nowhere to hide.

Pro 2 vacuum cleaner with bags

Car and caravan cleaning

Using the Pro 2 in handheld mode makes cleaning small spaces like cars and caravans simple, easily reaching into cracks and crevices to lift stubborn dirt.

 Pro 2 Chassis (x1 Dust Bag Fitted)
Pro 2 Extension Pole (x2)
Pro 2 Power Floor Head
Pro 2 Battery
Floorcare Charger
Dusting Brush
Crevice Tool
Pro Dust Bags x3
Hair Removal Tool
Pro 2 cordless stick vacuum cleaner chassis Pro 2 cordless stick vacuum cleaner extension pole
Pro 2 cordless stick vacuum cleaner floor head Pro 2 cordless stick vacuum cleaner battery
Pro 2 cordless stick vacuum cleaner charger Pro 2 cordless stick vacuum cleaner dusting brush
Pro 2 cordless stick vacuum cleaner crevice tool Pro 2 cordless stick vacuum cleaner dust bags
Pro 2 cordless stick vacuum cleaner hair removal tool  
Warranty 2 Years
Cordless Yes
Vacuum Type Stick and Handheld
Suitable For Carpets, Hard Floor, Stairs, Homes with Pets
Model ATF307
Bagged or Bagless Bagged
Battery Voltage 22V
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium-ion
Runtime Max up to 20 Mins, Eco up to 40 Mins
Charging Time 4 Hours
Bin / Bag Capacity 1.5L
Weight 2.8kg
Product Dimensions (H)116cm x (W)25.2cm x (D)34cm
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Gtech performance verification data icon

This section explains how we calculate the claims we make in our advertising. Where we can, we test our products in accordance with IEC guidelines using standard IEC62885-2 - these are official international standards for comparing vacuum cleaners. If there are no suitable test standards, we use real homes and record real-life data. Data sample size varies - we test in at least 10 different households and up to 50 if it is practical to do so. Finally, if neither of the above is suitable, we will set up laboratory testing to try and replicate real-life usage.

How do Gtech work out Pro's bag usage per year?

All homes have different cleaning schedules (and levels of dirt and dust), but we do our best to offer the most accurate results possible. We conduct user home trials and record how long a bag lasts in different households, from those with pets to family homes with young children. From that, we calculate the average number of bags that would be used in a full year.

Our calculations show that the average number of days a bag took to fill was 49.6 - this would require 7.4 bags per year, dependent on the size of area cleaned and amount of debris.

Some homes with rigorous cleaning routines and 4 inhabitants (and pets!) filled their bag in around 3 weeks; others used the same bag for a couple of months. We chose a wide range of household styles and cleaning routines to replicate those of real-life customers.

Highest number of days: 64

Average per unit: 49.6

Bags needed per year: 7.4

As this is a new product, tests are still ongoing - results will be updated as we discover more.

What makes the Pro's battery ‘professional grade’, what do Gtech mean by 'a design life of 10 years' and how is that calculated?

It’s important to us that we use the best possible components in our products. That’s why we’ve gone for LG Lithium-ion batteries - they’re reliable and robust, two of the most important elements for professional users.

We can’t test our batteries for 10 years before we launch a product - this is unrealistic for any brand. Instead, we do an accelerated-use test in our labs to see how long the batteries last in real-life simulations. This involves continuously charging the batteries and then letting them run down while monitoring their performance.

Our batteries maintain 88% of their performance after 1000 cycles. If we charge and run down a battery once a week, the battery would last for up to 19.2 years. If we do this twice a week, the battery would last for up to 9.6 years.

These figures may vary depending on home type and usage, and our testing shows that cleaning time and charging varies significantly.

What do Gtech consider to be a ‘high performance vacuum cleaner’?

There are internationally agreed methods (IEC standards) of measuring vacuum cleaner performance on carpets, hard floors and hard floors with deep crevices. We consider products with a cleaning width of at least 250mm (10 inches), which achieve an average score of at least 60% across the 3 tests, to be ‘high performance’.

You can see performance results of the Gtech Pro and competitor vacuums here

How do Gtech test the Pro’s runtime?

We test all of our floorcare products in accordance with IEC standards (international guidelines that all floorcare manufacturers have to follow). When used in ‘Eco’ mode, the Pro can run for an average of up to 40 minutes when used for above the floor cleaning; when used in ‘Max’ mode (recommended for tougher challenges), the average runtime is up to 20 minutes.

You can see the performance results of the Gtech Pro here

The Pro's runtime will be a bit longer when the bag starts to fill up and when you use it in handheld mode. This is because there’s less air resistance and strain across the vacuum’s fan, so less power is needed. The runtime may be slightly shorter if you’re only cleaning carpet, especially if it has a thick pile.

±Care is needed when cleaning along skirting boards to avoid scuffing.

*Runtimes quoted may vary depending on surfaces cleaned.

**Weight = 1.5kg when used with nozzle. Weight varies according to the attachment being used.

‡ The Gtech Pro 2 does not stay upright without constant support. Between uses, lie flat on the floor in a suitable location so that it does not become a trip hazard and cannot be stepped on.

All products ordered from or by telephone from Gtech are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you change your mind, we ask that you return the product to us in its original condition in its original packaging with your proof of purchase within 30 days. We will happily either exchange it or give you a full refund. Please note we are happy to arrange the return carriage but we do ask that you cover the cost which incurs a charge of £10. Our 30-day money-back guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

Includes 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.