Gtech AirRam MK1 Filter Kit

A Vacuum Filter Kit for the Gtech AirRam. Your Gtech AirRam filters are designed to keep dust and dirt in the collection tray in your vacuum. If you’ve lost or damaged your vacuum cleaner filters, or if you would just like a new set, you can keep the Gtech cleaning power going with these replacements.

If you’ve misplaced your vacuum cleaner filter around the home, or you’ve ripped or damaged it with use, you can easily replace it with the Gtech AirRam filter kit.

Each vacuum filter kit includes two Gtech AirRam filters. These vacuum cleaner filters play a key part in the AirRam’s innovative cleaning process, ensuring your vacuum cleaning performance remains at its best and packing dirt into tidy bales.

When you’re finished vacuuming, all you have to do is tap the bales into the dustbin, and occasionally clean the filters.

Gtech AirRam filters are easily removable and washable. This means that, unless they become damaged or lost, you don’t have to replace the washable vacuum filters in the Gtech AirRam filter kit. Simply run them under the tap, allow them to dry, and then replace. 

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Compatible With
AirRam MK1 (AR02)