AirRam MK1 Upper Handle

A Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Handle for the Graphite Gtech AirRam

Worn out your Gtech AirRam handle with use? With this new-style replacement vacuum handle fits any graphite AirRam and means you can continue effortlessly guiding your Graphite Gtech AirRam around your home.

This replacement handle is designed to allow you to easily guide the vacuum cleaner round the home. Its lightweight practical design makes it easy to carry the Gtech AirRam from floor to floor.

Replacing the graphite AirRam’s handle is quick and easy task. To remove and existing handle, you will need to press the release button at rear of the lower handle (the main body of the vacuum) close to the power button. The release button will require a tool – we recommend a key, a pen or the end of your AirRam charger if you have it to hand.

To replace, simply slot the vacuum cleaner handle into the hole until it locks into position – signalled by a click. With this done you’ll be ready to fight the build-up of dust and dirt in your home once again.

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Compatible With
AirRam MK1 (AR02)