Battery Replacement Guide

To conform to new European Union (EU) legislation covering battery powered homeware products, all new Gtech floor sweepers are now powered by a NiMH battery pack rather than the now outlawed NiCd units. A NiMH battery is much easier and more environmentally friendly to recycle than an old NiCd battery. If you already have a NiCd powered sweeper, you can still buy replacement batteries as only new electrical products are covered by this change in legislation. 

IMPORTANT! If your sweeper currently uses a NiCd battery, please DO NOT switch to a NiMH as your sweeper will not work and you may damage the electronics inside.

There are 2 ways to check what type of replacement battery you need:

1.  If your sweeper charger has a circular charge socket at the end, then you will need to order a NiCd battery. If the charge socket is rectangular in shape, then you will need to order a NiMH battery.

(SW10 owners please note: Both your charge sockets will be rectangular. To check what battery you need please remove the battery from the base of your sweeper and look at the rating label, which will indicate which type of battery you need).

2. Alternatively, turn your sweeper over and look at the grey rating label on the bottom: