A New Tool in the Fight Against Pet Hair – Introducing the Gtech AirRam K9

Achieving an immaculately tidy home isn’t easy if you’re a pet owner. As lovable and cute as your four legged friends are, they can leave behind a trail of fur, dirt and strong pet odours.

We’ve designed a powerful new vacuum cleaner designed to tackle the particular challenges faced by pet owners on a daily basis – introducing the Gtech AirRam K9.

The AirRam K9 builds on the cordless convenience of our successful AirRam model. We’ve toughened the components used to give it added durability and resistance as you vacuum fur, hair, dirt and debris from your home’s surfaces.

Keeping a clean home with a cat or dog can mean having to vacuum multiple times a day. With its strengthened zinc alloy components, the AirRam K9 can deliver high performance whilst withstanding daily wear and tear.

Like the AirRam, our K9 pet vacuum cleaner is powered by a 22V lithium-ion battery. From a full four-hour charge, it provides up to 40-minutes of powerful performance.

Combined with the upgraded brush bar, the AirRam K9 can make light work of a variety of challenges – from stubborn pet hair embedded in the carpet, to the dirt and debris your canine or feline friend treads deep into the carpet pile of your home.

It also features 28 degree steering and an ultra-low profile, allowing you to glide it underneath chairs and into tight corners where dirt and fur might otherwise get missed with a standard vacuum cleaner.

As you vacuum, AirRam K9’s innovative scented vacuum filters give off a pleasant fragrance to drown out pesky pet odours. They’re refillable too – meaning you can ensure your room remains smelling fresh long after you’ve finished vacuuming.

To find out more or order the Gtech AirRam K9 pet hair vacuum cleaner, visit: https://www.gtech.co.uk/cordless-vacuum-cleaners/uprights/airram-mk2-k9.html