Useful attachments for your Multi vacuum

Useful attachments for your Multi vacuum

The Gtech Multi vacuum comes with a range of handy attachments to ensure give you full floor to ceiling cleaning.

Car cleaning vacuum attachments

Keeping your home clear of dirt and grime can seem like a real effort at times. And reaching the furthest corners of your home or your car can involve the kind of stretches you'd usually save for yoga classes.

But vacuuming doesn't have to be this way....

In the past a combination of lengthy cords and cumbersome designs made these superhuman stretches a necessity. Reaching the ceiling coving, down the back of the car seats, or the skirting board behind the sofa was much more awkward than it really should have been. However, the Gtech Multi handheld vacuum cleaner has confined these challenges to the past.

The Multi might be small but its range of versatile attachments assists you in big jobs. With an extension tube to add reach, you’ll be able to clean your home from floor to ceiling. The power head makes short work of your stairs, while the crevice tool lets you clean skirting boards, picture frames and awkward areas around your home. The dusting brush is ideal for upholstery and car interiors.