Floorcare Bundles

The dynamic duos.

Discover our dynamic duos for a whole-home cleaning solution. With proven performance across a range of floor surfaces, you can glide from room to room with one of our cordless uprights. Then, tackle above-the-floor areas with our lightweight cordless handhelds.

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Floorcare bundles from Gtech

The Gtech System bundles are our dynamic duo for a complete cleaning solution. 

Along with being convenient, our cordless vacuum cleaner bundles are also practical. Our upright AirRAM vacuum sweeps up debris just as efficiently on thick carpets as it does on hardwood floors, with no settings to change. Our unique AirLOC technology∆ lifts large objects and debris, as well as fine dust, dirt and hair and its low profile handle and LED lights means dust and dirt has nowhere to hide.

Stairs are no longer a tiresome cleaning job either with the help of our lightweight handheld Multi vacuum. Versatile attachments will help you reach tricky areas high up or low down, so you can ensure full floor to ceiling cleaning with our vacuum combo.

If that's not enough for you, you can also get an additional saving with our System Bundles compared to buying the AirRAM and Multi individually. That's right! Another reason why our Floorcare bundles are the perfect choice.