AirRAM MK2, K9 & MK2 TE Filter

Keep your vacuum working at its optimum level with a spare filter. While one filter’s being washed or is drying, the spare filter offers uninterrupted cleaning and a fresher vacuuming experience.

To remove your filter, hold onto the AirRam with one hand, then pull the bin handle and lift the bin out of the AirRam. Remove the filter from the inner shroud, by twisting and pulling. Tap the inner shroud over a bin to remove any excess dirt.

To wash, rinse the filter under a tap, squeeze out any excess water then let it dry completely before reinserting into the AirRam.

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Compatible With
AirRAM MK2 (AR20), AirRAM MK2 (AR29), AirRAM MK2 K9 (AR21), AirRAM MK2 K9 (AR30)
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