Floorcare Charger

A spare or replacement charger for your Gtech vacuum. Keep your battery fully charged and ready to go.

Please note: This charger is not compatible with the HyLite, HyLite 2, or ProLite.

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Compatible With
AirRAM MK1 (AR02), AirRAM MK1 K9 (AR09), AirRAM MK2 (AR20), AirRAM MK2 (AR29), AirRAM MK2 K9 (AR21), AirRAM MK2 K9 (AR30), Multi MK1 (ATF001), Multi MK2 (ATF006), Multi MK2 (ATF036), Multi MK2 K9 (ATF011), Multi MK2 K9 (ATF037), Power Floor MK1 (ATF024), Power Floor MK1 K9 (ATF035), Power Floor MK2 (ATF038), Power Floor MK2 K9 (ATF039), Pro (ATF301), Pro K9 (ATF303), Pro 2 (ATF307), Work Light (WL01)
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