Sweeper Dust Tray

A replacement dust tray for the Gtech SW02 and other popular models

The dust tray on your Gtech sweeper is integral to its performance. It stores away all the dust, dirt and debris your unit collects, ready for you to easily dispose of it. If you’ve lost or damaged the dust tray, the SW02’s cleaning performance is negatively impacted.

With this replacement 0.5-litre dust tray, however, you can ensure that your sweeper continues to perform effectively around your home.

It’s easy to replace your Gtech sweeper dust tray – in fact it takes just a matter seconds. All you have to do is pinch the tray’s window, then carefully slide the dust tray out from the head of your unit. Take your replacement sweeper dust tray and slide it into position - ready to store the crumbs, dust and dirt it collects from your floor.

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Compatible With
Advanced Power Sweeper (SW02), Lithium Power Sweeper (SW22), Premium Power Sweeper (SW20)