eBike Battery Pack V1 (Circle Button)

Electric Bike Battery

This lithium-ion powered electric bike battery is at the very core of the Gtech eBike’s design and has enough power to provide you with a range of 30 miles before you need to recharge. For adventurous riders tackling more challenging conditions, the range may be reduced to 10 miles per charge*. But we know that you may want the convenience of a spare eBike battery so that you can go further. That's why we offer spare eBike batteries - helping you to go further and fall in love with cycling all over again.

A spare Gtech eBike battery means more miles

Double the amount of miles you can cover on your Gtech eBike by keeping a spare eBike battery. The advanced lithium-ion technology is the key to the eBike's power and is highly efficient, with a simple LED light display to tell you when you're running low on power.

The eBike battery, which is shaped like a water bottle, clips discreetly onto the frame and can be easily clipped and unclipped. Once removed, all you have to do to recharge it is plug it into an electric supply. Your eBike battery will be fully charged before you know it, taking just three hours to fully recharge.

*The conditions which affect the range are rider fitness, weight, size and seating position, head or tail winds, gradient, terrain, tyre pressure, what gear is used, number of stop/starts and the speed the bike is ridden.
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Compatible With
City Ebike (EB02), Sport Ebike (EB01)