eBike Charger V1 (Circle Button Battery)

eBike Charger

Your Gtech eBike comes with a handy electric bike charger that is both efficient and simple to use. If you inadvertently damage your eBike charger, you may need to replace it. That’s where we come in – simply order your spare eBike charger from Gtech and be fully charged and ready to ride again in next to no time.

Use your eBike battery charger safely

Your eBike battery charger has been designed for specific use with the Gtech eBike battery. Do not use the Gtech eBike charger with another battery or charging device as this could damage the eBike charger or the other appliance.

Store your eBike battery charger in a dry place where it can’t easily be reached by pets or small children. Regularly check the battery for any fraying or damage to ensure it is safe to use. Check the mains voltage to confirm that it matches the same voltage on the eBike charger’s ratings label.

Need to replace your eBike charger? Order online today.

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