eBike Sports Saddle

eBike Sports Saddle

Do you need a replacement sports saddle for your Gtech eBike? This is exactly where you’ll find it. Order your spare eBike sports saddle below and it’ll be delivered to you in no time, so you can continue to enjoy your Gtech eBike.

The eBike sport saddle is for use with the sport version of the eBike – but it is interchangeable with the city saddle too. This gives you the choice of which riding position – comfort or dynamic – you want to ride in.

Adjust your sports saddle with ease

Get the right riding height for you by easily adjusting the position of your sports saddle. All you have to do is use the lever at the base of your saddle. Loosen the lever and you can move the saddle up and down to the required height. Here’s a hint: if you’re unsure which height is right for you – simply sit on your eBike, and put your heel on the pedal. Is your knee straight when the pedal is at its lowest position? That’s the right height for you.

If you also want to adjust the travel of your sports saddle, use your Gtech tool to loosen the bolt directly under the saddle. Once loosened, you’ll be able to move the saddle forwards and backwards until it’s in the most comfortable riding position for you. Tighten up the bolt under the saddle once you’ve found the best position, and that’s it – you’re ready to go.

Need a spare sports saddle for your eBike? Order online today.

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