Electric Bikes

We no longer have eBikes available on our website, however visit our eBay store for final stock of the City or Sport eBike.

With pedal-assistance, Gtech ebikes take you further, faster, with more ease. Enjoy the ride and take control of your journey. Our electric assist bikes uses a battery to power the motor, so you can continue to pedal normally while moving more quickly and easily over a variety of terrains

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Electric Bike FAQs

A Gtech eBike is a high-spec bicycle equipped with a battery-powered assist. When you pedal, this assist activates a small motor that boosts your speed, allowing you to easily tackle tough terrain.
Battery duration depends on the power setting. ‘Eco’ mode grants speeds up to 8 miles p/h for around 20-30 miles, whereas ‘Max’ mode boosts you up to 15 miles p/h for around 10-15 miles. No matter which you choose, our handy LCD display lets you know how much battery charge is left.
Our removable Gtech eBike batteries charge in just 3 hours.
While all of our eBikes are designed for both on and off road riding, our different models are best suited to different environments. Our eScent Electric Mountain Bike can handle a variety of terrains, while our City and Sport electric bikes are great for commuting and off road adventures.
Our eScent Electric Mountain Bike is designed with a crossover frame and dynamic seated position, keeping you streamlined for speed.
Yes, you can use the Gtech ebike with traditional roof racks. Ensure to take extra care when fitting.