Sweeper Front Visor

A replacement front visor for the Gtech sweeper

Whilst keeping your home spic and span, your Gtech sweeper can suffer bumps and scrapes. And quite often it’ll be the electric sweeper’s front visor that bears the brunt of these bumps. Although strong, it can become damaged with use.

This replacement front visor ensures that the brush bar is protected and continues to pick up hair, crumbs and dirt quickly and effectively.

We designed  the front visor on the Gtech sweeper to be removed and reattached with ease. This enables you to go about removing dust and dirt that’s built up on the stairs. All you have to do is clip the replacement front visor into position on the front of your unit.

In stock
Compatible With
Advanced Power Sweeper (SW02), Lithium Power Sweeper (SW22), Premium Power Sweeper (SW20)