Replacement Blades (ST04, ST05, ST20)

Replacement Blades (ST04, ST05, ST20)

Grass trimmer blades for the Gtech ST05, ST20 and ST04 models.

Keep your ST05, ST20 or ST04 well stocked with a pack of 50 grass trimmer blades. Each initial grass trimmer purchase comes with a pack of 20 grass trimmer blades. This is usually enough to last the average summer season of grass trimming and lawn edging – depending on the thickness of the grass being cut.

High Performance Plastic Trimmer Blades Replacement Pack

Each pack includes 50 Gtech grass trimmer blades. These blades are designed to deliver a consistent cut but will need to be replaced as they become worn with use.

Once worn, you can replace the blade on your ST04, ST05 or ST20 in a matter of seconds. Place the replacement blade over the retaining pin, and then pull it away from the guard to lock it in securely. With this easy installation process you can spend more time on giving your lawn the Gtech gardening treatment.

Replacement blades are available from Gtech for £3.99 per pack of 50 with FREE P&P.


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