HT05 Visor

A replacement protector visor for your Gtech HT01 and HT05.

As your Gtech HT01 and HT05 cuts through thick hedge stems and branches, debris will get thrown back in your direction. With this replacement hedge trimmer guard, you can ensure you’re properly protected. Manufactured from strong plastic, it acts as a barrier, absorbing the force of the debris thrown towards you.

Has your protector visor cracked or sustained damage whilst you’ve been trimming the hedges in your garden? Or have you just misplaced it? We recommend that any damaged components are replaced before you use your HT01 or HT05 again.

Replacing your hedge trimmer guard is simple. It's a task you can carry out in your own home in a matter of minutes - meaning you'll be able to quickly get back to tidying up your garden.

To fit, simply slide your protector visor into its position - just above the release button for the blade. Once in position, slot in the screw and tighten to lock it in.

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