Multi Upholstery Tool

A replacement Gtech Multi and Power Floor vacuum cleaner upholstery tool.

This vacuum upholstery tool makes light work of dust and debris on a range of surfaces. Whether it’s in the home or car, it helps to keep them clean and make your life easier.

This wide vacuum cleaner attachment provides considerable pick-up coverage. Measuring 18cm (seven inches) in width, it simply attaches to the Multi’s extendable hose. All you have to do is slot the vacuum cleaner upholstery tool onto the nozzle at the end of the hose. Once this vacuum cleaner attachment has been fitted, you’ll be ready to tackle dusty armchairs, mucky car seats and dirty floors.

In stock
Compatible With
Multi MK1 (ATF001), Power Floor MK1 (ATF024), Power Floor MK1 K9 (ATF035)