Sweeper Rubber Floor Strip

A replacement rubber floor strip for your Gtech sweeper.

When you sweep your home with your electric sweeper, the rubber strip endures a significant amount of wear and tear. And over time it can become damaged or worn. A damaged or lost rubber floor strip can impact the cleaning performance. This easy-to-fit replacement allows your product to maintain its high performance sweeping power.

Whether you’ve lost or damaged the rubber strip on your sweeper fitting this replacement is very easy.

Start by removing the visor from the unit’s head. Pull the tab, positioned below the edge wheel, upwards and remove it. Then grab the rubber floor strip’s end and gently pull to remove it. Take the replacement strip and slide it in – the three flaps should be facing the back of the unit as you do this. Reattach the edge wheel and visor and your sweeper will be ready to continue delivering quality cleaning performance.

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Compatible With
Advanced Power Sweeper (SW02), Lithium Power Sweeper (SW22), Premium Power Sweeper (SW20)