Pair of Sweeper Wheels

A replacement set of wheels for your sweeper. Have the wheels on your Gtech sweeper broken or sustained damage? With these replacement wheels you can continue to glide your electric sweeper effortlessly from room to room. These replacement wheels slot into the circular slots on each side of the sweeper.

Fitting the sweeper wheels couldn’t be easier. Just remove the visor and brush bar kit, and then remove the eight screws on the base of the machine. Then separate the base and place the wheels into the two circular slots on the side of the sweeper. Once wheels are connected put to machine back together and then you will be able to manoeuvre the sweeper.

For more instructions on how to fit your sweeper wheels, please refer to this Instruction Manual.

In stock
Compatible With
Advanced Power Sweeper (SW02), Lithium Power Sweeper (SW22), Premium Power Sweeper (SW20)