How to Clean a Caravan | Caravan Cleaning Tips | Gtech

How to Clean a Caravan | Caravan Cleaning Tips | Gtech

One of the most popular and flexible ways to enjoy a break is a road trip with a caravan. But could your caravan do with a little TLC? Perhaps it’s carrying around the mucky evidence of road trips past? We feel your pain. We’ve created a guide for how to clean a caravan, perfect for making your home from home sparkle.

Caravan cleaning tips

Wondering how to clean a caravan on the outside? Here’s some caravan cleaning products you’ll need:

  • Hose
  • Bucket
  • Sponge
  • Caravan cleaning shampoo
  • Drying cloth
  • Handheld vacuum
  • Ladder
  • Wheel cleaning brush

To start with, hose down your caravan to try and dislodge any loose debris. Leaves, moss and gritty bits are some of the worst culprits when caravan cleaning. It’s important to do this, because you don’t want to rub small gritty bits in to the paintwork as you clean, which could potentially do permanent damage.

How to clean a caravan’s exterior

Start cleaning your caravan from the top down. This way, you’ll avoid having dirty water marks appearing all over the areas you’ve already cleaned. By using a solution of caravan cleaning shampoo and water, clean the caravan with your sponge. When you’ve scrubbed it completely with the shampoo (including the wheels), rinse it down to remove the soapy water. If there are any areas you’ve missed, they should be obvious and will need going over again. You’ll find that you already have most of your caravan washing equipment in your cleaning cupboard or shed.

How to clean a caravan awning

How to clean a caravan awning

Cleaning the caravan is the perfect opportunity to give the awning a clean too. Find out the best way to clean caravan awning by following these simple steps, your awning will be spotless in no time.

  • 1. Erect and attach the awning to your caravan. It makes cleaning much easier than if it’s in a heap on the ground.
  • 2. Spray the awning with a dedicated canvas fabric cleaner.
  • 3. Use a soft brush and rub the spray into the fabric.
  • 4. Rinse with your hose.

Before you pack away your awning, make sure it is completely dry. You may find that mould and mildew start to appear. Every so often, you’ll want to re-waterproof the awning, especially if you notice drops of water starting to seep through! Apply a waterproofing spray to the outer layer to give extra protection from the elements.

How to clean your caravan water tank and drains

Avoid nasty smells and dirty water from ruining your holiday. To prevent your water from contamination, it’s important that you keep on top of maintaining your water system. Whether you leave water in the tank for long periods of time, or empty it regularly, is up to you – but only properly treated water should be kept for long time periods. You should be regularly cleaning caravan water pipes to avoid contamination.

To clean your water tank, we would recommend that you completely empty it, before using a cleaning solution to freshen it up. You can use designated water tank cleaners, or homemade solutions. These include water mixed with: white wine vinegar, bicarbonate of soda or bleach. If you can, bypass your caravan’s water filter and run the cleaning solution through your taps. Then, drain the water tank again, before refilling with clean water.

With all this plumbing work underway, take the chance to clear your drains. Mix together a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda with a litre of warm water. Use a stopper to prevent water from getting out of the bottom of drain pipes. Pour the liquid into the pipes and leave it for a couple of hours. Then place a bucket at the bottom of the pipe and let the solution run out.

How to clean the inside of your caravan or motorhome

How to Clean a Caravan Interior

While it’s important that the outside of your caravan is clean, the inside can often be forgotten. You wouldn’t want to stay in a dirty hotel room, so why stay in a dirty caravan? Give the inside of your caravan a thorough clean. It shouldn’t be too different to the way you would clean your house, just on a smaller scale.

  • 1. Use an anti-bacterial spray and wipe down all the kitchen surfaces. If the windows are looking a little foggy, clean them using a glass cleaner – this works wonders on the outside as well.
  • 2. Clean out the fridge – throw out any old food and wipe inside thoroughly. At the end of your trip, keep the fridge open, to prevent mould or mildew forming.
  • 3. Dust the surfaces in the living area.
  • 4. Vacuum the entire caravan. Choose our handheld vacuum cleaner, so you can get to all the hardest to reach areas. Or if you want an combination upright and handheld vacuum, then try our new HyLite 2 cordless vacuum. Our HyLite 2 is one our out lightest vacuums at only 1.6kg, and includes a collapsible handle to easily convert it into a handheld vacuum. What makes it perfect keeping in your caravan is the handle can be removed, allowing this compact vacuum to be easily store in a bag a store. That's great for caravans that are short on storage space.
  • 5. Clean the bathroom area as you would in a house, apart from the toilet. Rather than using bleach, use a specialist caravan toilet cleaner – perfect for use on plastic toilets without causing any damage.

On your trip, take the handheld vacuum with you, so that you can clear up any minor spillages as you go. This way, the amount of dirt and need for cleaning your caravan will be reduced. They’re so compact you can keep one in one of the caravan’s cupboards – no matter how small the caravan is!

Get ready for your next mobile getaway! With our caravan cleaning tips, you’ll have a gleaming home from home in no time at all. If you’re in the market for a handheld vacuum cleaner or all-round cordless cleaner, Gtech has a range to choose from – you’re bound to find the perfect caravan vacuum cleaner to suit you. With your caravan clean, there’s one thing still left to do – have a great trip!

Keep your caravan clean on adventures