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Debunking Popular Cleaning Hacks

Woman cleaning the kitchen

From using a carpet cleaner on your mattress to cleaning your oven with bleach, we’re here to debunk some popular cleaning hacks so you don’t have to experiment with your to-do list!

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How To Clean Your Blinds With Ease

How to Clean Blinds Easily - All Types

For the best way to clean your blinds, the best way to clean venetian blinds, and some top tips for washing vertical blinds or fabric blinds, read our article.

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How To Clean The Carpet Steps In Your Home

How to clean carpet on stairs in 5 easy steps

With steps to navigate and wires getting in the way, we know vacuuming the stairs is one of the more taxing household chores. But lucky for you, we’ve got tons of tips to make cleaning carpet steps much easier!

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Making Sense of Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

vacuum cleaner specifications

From the basics like what a good suction power for a vacuum cleaner is, to the more technological aspects, such as what is voltage and what is airflow, you can explore all the vacuum specifications here.

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Hedge Cutting Regulations UK: The Dos and Don’ts

Hedge trimming laws: the dos and dont's

Want an immaculate-looking hedge? Well, you may need to consider a few garden hedge cutting laws before breaking out the trimmer.

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Gtech wins duo of awards at US home show

Gtech scooped two awards for its latest products at the USA’s largest homeware trade show.

The firm was commended for its new wet/dry mop, the Orca, and the yet-to-be-released AirRam 3, at Chicago’s Inspired Home Show (IHS).

Both products won the show’s ‘Best of IHS’ awards, a major coup for Gtech after a 15-year absence from the trade show circuit.

The show, which is North America’s largest homeware trade expo, was also an opportunity for the firm to demonstrate some of its other products including the AirRam Platinum, and its popular gardening range.

Nick Grey, owner of Gtech, says: “We were really excited to go out to the US and showcase our latest innovations – along with some of our other hero products. But to win awards for both the Orca and the AirRam 3 was the icing on the cake.

“We look forward to building on our success out in Chicago and growing our customer base in the USA – it’s a big and exciting time for Gtech.”

At the end of last year, Gtech announced it was embarking on a major growth strategy which includes expanding into new markets with the latest innovation.

Nick added: “Gtech is committed to growing its product range and market, and our early success in the US is just the start.”

How To Trim Hedges And Bushes

Hedge trimming tips and tricks

Barbecues, garden parties, and sunbathing – summer is right around the corner. So, let’s get your garden guest-ready to get you straight to the summer fun!

However, there’s a lot to consider when prepping your garden for summer. Along with cutting the grass and pruning flowers, there’s also hedge cutting and bush trimming to take care of. And whether you’re looking at how to trim hedges, or when to cut a beech hedge, you’ll want to get it right first time. To get your garden prepped for the warmer weather and learn how to trim a hedge like a pro, read our top hedge cutting and bush trimming tips, below.

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Lawn Maintenance Tips For Every Season

Lawn care tips & advice

Knowing how to keep your lawn looking its best all year round comes with tons of questions. Whether it be how often you should mow your lawn or when to start cutting grass again after winter, lawn maintenance can be tricky to master. From when to start cutting grass to how to cut grass, give your lawn the wow factor with our lawn maintenance tips and lawn care calendar.

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Gtech's pawesome new partnership

Gtech is on a roll!

We’ve teamed up with the new PAW Patrol movie, PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie.

Hollywood-based Paramount Pictures gave Gtech a special mission to help promote the new film which has included an EPIC new TV advert, customer competition, and marketing campaign.

As part of the partnership, the AirRAM Platinum got a mighty makeover - with every customer purchasing the product this month receiving an exclusive PAW Patrol sticker pack to customise their vac and turn it into a mighty cleaning machine. 

The sticker pack features all the key characters from the hit children’s TV and film series including Marshall, Chase, Rubble and Skye.

Nick Grey, owner of Worcester-based Gtech, said: “There were some obvious synergies between Gtech and Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie, since all our vacuums are built for busy households whether that’s with kids, pets, or both.

“When your own pups – kids or pets – have made a mighty mess, there’s only one thing to do… Get The Gtech Out!”

Click here to watch our latest advert

See the AirRAM Platinum exlusive October offer here

Gtech becomes proud sponsor of Sheffield United

Gtech has become a proud sponsor of Sheffield United Football Club.

On Friday (August 25, 2023), Gtech announced it will become Sheffield United's men’s first team sleeve sponsor for the 23/24 Premier League season.

The sponsorship marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration that will bring together two organisations with a commitment to excellence, teamwork, and innovation.

The Gtech brand featured on the shirt sleeve on Sheffield United's iconic jerseys for the first time at Sunday's (August 27, 2023) fixture against league champions Manchester City.

The partnership between Gtech and Sheffield United will not just be limited to branding on jerseys. Both organisations are committed to initiatives that promote education, technology literacy, and youth development and extends Gtech's strong commitment to sports, community engagement, and technological advancement.

Nick Grey, Gtech's owner, said: "I’m absolutely delighted to join forces with the Blades as their proud sponsor.

"This partnership is a testament to our shared values of pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and striving for excellence. We believe that our cutting-edge home technology and the blades fanatical support for their club will create a winning combination both on and off the field.”

Paul Reeves, United's head of commercial, said: "We are excited to welcome Gtech into the Sheffield United commercial portfolio.

"Gtech are a global leader for high performance home appliances and their dedication to technology development. This partnership will not only strengthen Gtech's visibility alongside the club on a global stage but will also enhance the overall fan experience through collaborative initiatives and matchday activities."

What is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair

Best cordless pet hair vacuums

Whether it’s fur on the carpet or shedding on the sofa, being a pet owner is a constant cleaning challenge. So, it’s important to invest in a reliable pet vacuum cleaner to effectively tackle the task of removing pet hair.

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Gtech vs Dyson: Why buy a Gtech cordless vacuum

Choosing the right cordless vacuum cleaner is a big decision and can be a daunting task, especially with the overwhelming number of options available in the market. Gtech and Dyson are two prominent brands that have revolutionized the cordless vacuum industry. In this comprehensive deep dive, we will delve into the features, performance, and value offered by Gtech's cordless vacuums, to help you make an informed decision on which vacuum cleaner to buy.

Experts in cordless technology and so much more

Gtech was founded by inventor Nick Grey in 2001, and is now well established as an industry leader in cordless innovation. Nick's first invention, the world's first cordless carpet sweeper, laid the foundation for Gtech's success. Since then, Gtech has expanded its product range to include cordless power tools, garden tools, and even a massage bed. With a dedicated in-house engineering team, we continue to push the boundaries of cordless technology and are constantly working on new innovations.

British vacuum cleaner brand

Were proud to be a British brand, with our headquarters located in the picturesque Worcestershire countryside. All Gtech products are designed and developed in the UK, keeping British homes and conditions in mind. This ensures that Gtech cordless vacuum cleaners are specifically tailored to tackle the cleaning challenges faced by households in the UK.

What makes Gtech products stand out

Our commitment to innovation and engineering excellence sets us apart from the competition. Read on to see why.

- Weight distribution: Our flagship product, the Gtech AirRAM, features a unique design that keeps the weight on the floor, making it lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. This innovative design allows for effortless cleaning without straining your wrists or arms.

- Direct Dirt-to-Bin technology: By eliminating the need for tubes, our vacuums ensure that power is used where it's needed most. The direct dirt-to-bin technology prevents blockages and ensures uninterrupted suction power.

- Air Loc technology: All Gtech cordless vacuum cleaners are equipped with Air Loc technology, which collects large debris on the forward stroke and forms a seal on the backstroke. This feature ensures efficient cleaning and prevents debris from scattering.

- Extra features: Our newest technology, the AirRAM Platinum boasts additional features such as Anti Hair Wrap, which uses a built-in comb to keep the brush bar clean and free of tangled hair, and Forward Inertia, which allows the vacuum to pull itself forward, making cleaning effortless.

- Premier quality: Gtech's commitment to excellence is not limited to its products but extends to we run our business, ensuring we deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers.

Which Gtech cordless vacuum should you buy?

Now that you've decided to purchase a Gtech vacuum, you might be wondering which model is the best fit for your needs. Let's explore Gtech's range of cordless vacuums and help you find the perfect one.

Bagged or bagless?

Gtech offers both bagged and bagless vacuums. The benefit of a bagged vacuum is they use a dust bin to collect dirt and debris, eliminating the need for purchasing and replacing bags, making Gtech vacuums more convenient and cost-effective. However if you're looking a for a low mainentence option, then a bagged vacuum is for you, as there are no filters or bins to worry about, simply remove and replace when full.

Upright or Stick?

Gtech offers stick vacuums, which are lightweight and designed for easy manoeuvrability. Stick vacuums are ideal for quick clean-ups and reaching tight spaces. If you're looking for a versatile vacuum that can clean both floors and above-floor areas, Gtech stick vacuums are the way to go. Alternatively you could go for our upright vacuums which cannot clean above-the-floor, but are well built to handle your daily cleaning task. And for handheld cleaning just team up with our matching handheld vacuum.

Best vacuum for hard floors

If you mainly have hard floors in your home, the Gtech AirRAM is the perfect choice. Its strong suction power effectively removes dust and dirt hidden between floorboards, ensuring thorough cleaning. The AirRAM's low-profile design also allows for easy cleaning under furniture and in hard-to-reach corners.

Design and weight

In terms of weight, we offer some of the lightest vacuum cleaners on the market. Just look at our HyLite 2 bagged vacuum, which is only 1.6kg.

Dust emptying

Gtech vacuums feature "hands-free" emptying systems. Both Gtech AirRAM and Multi vacuums use a slider that forces dust and dirt out of the dust bin.

Pet hair removal

If you have pets at home, then Gtechs range of K9 pet hair vacuums are a great option. Designed with pet owners in mind, Gtechs unique AirLOC technology picks up large debris on the forward stroke and embedded dust and pet hair on the backward stroke. All K9 pet cordless vacuums are fitted with replaceable scented cartridges so you can keep your home smelling fresh and odour free.

Battery life

Gtechs standard and K9 AirRAM models have a runtime of 40 minutes, however the new AirRAM Platinum has a runtime of 60 minutes. Couple that with the Multi Platinum with a runtime of 30 minutes and thats 90 minutes of whole home cleaning!.


Gtech's AirRAM upright vacuums feature a unique filtration design that prevents dust from escaping, ensuring cleaner air in your home.

When it comes to price, Gtech vacuums offer a more affordable option compared to other brands. The Gtech AirRAM Mk2 is available at only £229.99, making it an attractive choice for the budget-conscious shoppers that don't want to compromise on performance.

Conclusion...if you're looking for an affordable option that excels at hard floor cleaning and offers lightweight manoeuvrability, then a Gtech cordless vacuum cleaner is a solid, budget friendly, feature packed solution.

Get The Gtech Out!

Staff Gtech swapped the day job for the recording studio to sing the jingle for the company’s latest TV advert.

Jenna Webb, Ellen Cakebread, Alice Greany, Tezza Williams and Liam Hughes joined Gtech owner Nick Grey to record ‘Get The Gtech Out’.

The catchy jingle was written in-house and accompanies Gtech’s new advert showcasing its range of floorcare and garden equipment – including the latest AirRam Platinum.

Recording took place at a studio in the Worcestershire countryside before the soundtrack was put to visuals put together by Gtech’s creative team.

Jenna, aged 24 and a customer excellence representative from Worcester, said: “The ad was a pleasure to be a part of. I had great fun, and it was so nice to collaborate with other departments at Gtech to create a catchy jingle.”

Meanwhile, Liam, 22 and one of Gtech’s quality engineers, added: “It was definitely a very creative step up from my usual job here at Gtech, it was interesting to see the studio where we recorded the vocals - Nick even mentioned it may have hosted Black Sabbath at one point in their career!

“It was nice to be able to participate in something that will now be used in the future to help drive the increasing success of the company.”

Nick, the well-known face of the Gtech adverts, said: “Our staff here at Gtech are one of our biggest assets and it was great for some of them to be involved in areas of the business they wouldn’t normally be part of.

“The new advert and jingle is catchy, and one we hope will stick in people’s heads – and encourage them to Get The Gtech Out!”

Gtech is not the first company to use its own staff to feature in its adverts. Halifax famously used its staff including the unlikely star Howard Brown in a campaign which ran between 2000 and 2008.

Watch the new ad here.

The Worcester News reported the story. Read it in full

Economic outlook is brighter, says Gtech's Nick Grey

The economic outlook is looking brighter again after it took a battering from the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the owner of Gtech has told the Worcester News.

Nick Grey told Chief Reporter James Connell that after 'a fairly quiet January and February' sales had begun to pick up again.

He attributed economic struggles and cost of living crisis to the pandemic followed by the outbreak of war in the Ukraine.

However, he said he was feeling positive about the future; his optimisim supported by Gtech's purchase of its own £6 million, 100sqft warehouse in Corby, Northamptonshire.

Gtech currently uses third party premises - also in Northamptonshire - but will move stock to the new facility in the next six months.

Read the full story here

Are We Being Served? Gtech's customer excellence department on TV

Gtech's customer excellence department has featured on a prime time TV programme.

The Tonight programme, presented by Paul Brand and screened on ITV, visited Gtech earlier in the year to film its customer service staff at work.

The topic of the weekly current affairs programme was how big companies deal with customer queries - and whether they use chatbots. It was screened on Thursday, March 23, at 8.30pm.

Gtech boss Nick Grey and Head of Customer Excellence Hassaan Kassim were both interviewed for .

Watch Gtech on the Tonight programme here

The full episode is available on ITVX here

I'll never stop inventing, Gtech boss tells Worcester News

Gtech boss Nick Grey has told the Worcester News he'll never stop inventing.

Chief reporter James Connell visited Gtech HQ and took photographs of Nick as he jotted ideas down on a sketch pad.

The interview was part of Gtech's 21-year anniversary, and Nick reflected on two decades of successful business.

He said he was 'immensely proud' of his staff in Worcester who provide  'great customer service and great products'.

Looking to the future, he made his commitment to sustainability, and is working to design a vacuum that lasts 20 years.

Read the full interview here

Designs for life: Nick Grey shares success story with podcast

Gtech boss Nick Grey has shared the story of his success in a new podcast.

Nick looks back at 21 years of Gtech in the hour-long podcast produced by the Design & Technology Association.

From his childhood to Gtech's early days in a Worcestershire garage to the multi-million pound business he now runs, Nick dicusses what makes him tick.

He also lifts the lid on the recent 10-year sponsorship deal with Premiership team Brentford FC.

Nick is interviewed by Design & Technology Association's chairman Tony Ryan - himself a Brentford fan.

Listen again here

'We're just trying to make sure we do the basics well', Gtech boss tells BBC News

Gtech boss Nick Grey told the BBC News that 'the next 12 months are going to be tough'.

Nick was interviewed by the BBC for its report on the shrinking of the UK economy.

The report stated that the economy is likely to have tipped into recession despite being temporarily buoyed by November's World Cup.

The BBC visited Gtech HQ filming around the offices and interviewing Nick, with the report featuring on the BBC News bulletin throughout the day on Friday, January 13.

Despite admitting the economic climate is tough, Nick expressed cautious optimism saying; "We're just trying to make sure we do the basics well, and that when all this blows over, we're positioned well to grow and recover."

Read the full BBC report here.


Gtech give staff £1,000 cost of living payment in time for Christmas

Gtech staff are being given a one-off payment of £1,000* in time for Christmas, to help with the rising cost of living.

The announcement was made to the firm’s 162 employees after the UK rate of inflation hit a 40-year high of 11.1%.

The rising cost of living which has seen household bills soar has been attributed to inflation outstripping wage growth exacerbated by increases in taxes.

Gtech’s CEO Nick Grey says: “If there is one time of year that people need a bit of extra help, it’s before Christmas.

“I was one of seven children and I know how difficult it can be to make ends meet so we want to give our workforce as much help as we can.”

Gtech joins a number of businesses pledging to help its staff with the rising cost of living via one-off payments, including Nationwide, Virgin Money and BT.

A study by advisory firm BDO showed that half of UK businesses are giving one-off bonuses to support workers through the cost-of-living crisis. The survey involved 500 leaders of medium-sized businesses.

* The payment was pro-rata for part-time staff or those who have not yet worked for Gtech for one year.

Nick spoke to BBC Hereford & Worcester about the one-off payment. Listen again here

The story was also reported in the Worcester News here, and on the BBC here

We've done it again! Gtech product top rated by Good Housekeeping

Gtech's ProLite has been named the best handheld vacuum of 2022 by experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI)

Testers at the GHI loved how well it picked up crumbs and debris and said it was 'ideal for bigger households'.

The Gtech ProLite MM001 was one of 11 different handheld vacuums tested, and was awarded a whopping 94/100.

"This handheld is a trusty and intuative buy," said the experts.

Read the full review here

Buy your ProLite MM001 for £129.99 now 


Black Friday is biggest chance to make savings, Gtech boss tells Ideal Home

Black Friday is the best chance to bag a bargain, Gtech boss Nick Grey told Ideal Home.

In a chat with the UK's best-selling home decorating magazine, he told writer Jullia Joson that Black Friday had now overtaken the Boxing Day sales in terms of when is best to 

Nick says: "Black Friday is now easily the biggest sale day of the year. With sales up to five times those of the traditional Boxing Day or January sales, it is definitely the one where the biggest savings are offered."

Read the full article here

Take a look at the gtech black friday bargains here.

Businesses can be efficient, whatever the size, Gtech boss Nick Grey tells Management Today

Businesses can efficient whatever the size, Gtech's Nick Grey tells Management Today.

After finally generating profit, there’s usually one thing at the top of a founder’s mind: growth, writes Management Today reporter Oriana Rosa Royle.

But while pumping money into growing a business can generate increased output and consumer demand, if you're not careful, it can also lead to poor financial discipline and overspending.

Looking back on Gtech’s growth and expansion phase, its founder and CEO Nick Grey says “the company was out of control” when turnover shot up from £4m in 2011 to £120m by 2017. Because at the same time, the home and garden cordless company’s spending went through the roof to £1.7m per month.

Today, Gtech runs consistently below £400,000 per month. Here’s how Grey broke the high-spend, high-growth cycle.  

“It's very difficult for an owner and the business itself to keep control of everything when you’re concentrating on growth. And we grew very, very fast.

People got into the habit of getting more money to spend each year - and they were spending it. I read them the riot act and said: “I don't know how we've spent that much money, but that isn't funny. We don't need to run the business at that level.” Fast forward to today, Gtech ran on £394,00 last month.

To paraphrase Einstein, leaders should focus on the value over the cost of things. We aim to make everything the most valuable it can be. This is true for each operation at Gtech. The key outputs for our business are the design of our products, the quality of our products, our customer service and efficient marketing. If the cost isn't adding value to those four key pillars, then we shouldn't be spending it.

£1.7m was a silly number from a company that had grown very fast and wasn't being prudent. We still have the same standard of everything. In fact, our products are more reliable now statistically than they've ever been, and they last longer. We answer the phone quicker than we ever did. It's just we spend less money on things that are not valuable.

We were overspending because things were going phenomenally well and we were focusing on harnessing that growth. But all great growth spurts come to an end. Businesses need to focus on being efficient, whatever their size.”

Read more from Management Today here.

Consumer demands are changing… and home tech innovation must rise to the challenge, says Gtech's Nick Grey

The demand for home appliances during lockdown was unprecedented – a level we probably won’t see again, Gtech boss Nick Grey tells Technology Dispatch.

Home tech became a priority when people were stuck indoors and had little else to spend their money on. In times of crisis – in this case a global pandemic - a clean and orderly home and garden was one thing people could take control of.

The market for food processors, espresso machines, bread makers – sourdough bread, obviously – boomed, along with that for haircare and styling appliances.

When it came to cleaning, we saw consumers focus on time-saving helpers with the purchase of robotic vacuums gaining pace, outstripping traditional cylinder vacuum cleaners in sales for the first time. Handstick vacuums also proved a popular choice for customers with sales growing rapidly. 

We also saw a surge in demand for gardening equipment as those furloughed or forced to self-isolate had more time to spend mowing lawns or tending to their borders or allotments.

However, such appetite is unsustainable – commodity sales have dropped off sharply since the covid boom - and as we move into 2023, we need to be innovative to sustain growth.

Priorities have shifted and company strategies must reflect these challenges. Fortunately, I’ve always been a problem-solver; I like to tackle a challenge head-on and find solutions that make life’s complexities that little bit easier.

Quite understandably, the cost-of-living crisis is a top priority for consumers as many see their bills rise at never-seen-before rates. We must use our tech knowhow to help drive down household outgoings; we’ve already seen a boom for goods such as air fryers which are reputedly a cheaper way of cooking food than using an oven. Here at Gtech we are focussing on creating products with low running costs – cleaning your house must be as simple as it is cost-effective. Covid rendered people indoors as will the budget constraints of escalating prices, so maintaining a clean and healthy home will be paramount.

The term ‘cost saving’ should also apply when referring to the longevity and sustainability of appliances; efforts to reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact of goods is high on the agenda of many consumers.

Sustainability has long been one of our core values, and at Gtech we continue to explore materials and production methods which will create products that last. We are designing our products for a 20-year lifespan – a remarkable jump from the expected two to three-year lifespan for most home appliances. This is no easy task and we have expanded our research and development team to meet these demands. We believe short-lived, throwaway appliances should be a thing of the past – innovation must be used to increase endurance.

And while building cost-effective, sustainable products is a key priority for us, there’s also an increasing appetite for luxury home appliances. It’s a customer base that’s badly catered for, so we are developing a range of beautiful, aspirational appliances which will look at home in the world’s leading department stores. We’ve long created goods of functional simplicity and now we are adapting those values to produce breath-taking designs in high finish materials. They’ll be the kind of appliances that will top wedding lists all over the world, we hope.

Whatever the requirement or budget of a consumer, moving forward it will be even more necessary to exceed expectations of consumer experience. A wide-open market means that customers will vote with their wallets and their shared opinions.

We recognise that from point of purchase to delivery and beyond, we must give all our customers a ‘premium’ experience. With this in mind, we are exploring new and exciting ways to package our products to ensure a first-class ‘out of the box’ experience. Aftercare also remains a priority, as we know that repeat business only comes from complete customer satisfaction. While transactional online sales peaked in covid, there’s still a genuine demand for in-person aftercare and troubleshooting, which is why we are proud to have a considerable UK-based customer service team.

The landscape in home tech maybe shifting on from the one which was set during lockdown and beyond, but in terms of how innovation is used to tackle these challenges, I, for one am excited.

Read the article on Technology Dispatch here

Gtech boss talks to The Athletic about the Gtech Stadium Brentford deal

As first impressions go, it could have gone better: “Gtech? Who are Gtech? I’ve never heard of them!”

This is what Nick Grey, the founder and inventor of Grey Technology (Gtech), overheard a young girl say to her parents the first time he watched a football match at the Gtech stadium which bears his company’s name, he told Jay Harris at The Athletic.

So how did the Gtech Stadium partnership happen?

Brentford left Griffin Park and moved to their new ground, which they share with Premiership Rugby side London Irish, in August 2020, but they only announced their naming rights deal with Gtech a few months ago. The 10-year partnership represents the biggest sponsorship deal in the club’s history.

Jon Varney, Brentford’s chief executive, spoke about how they conducted the search for a sponsor with “caution” and that they wanted a “progressive, community-minded partner”. As part of the deal, Gtech will support Brentford’s Community Sports Trust too.

Grey set up Gtech in 2001 from his own garage in Worcestershire and the company has become one of the leading domestic appliances brands in the United Kingdom. Its expertise is such that it was asked by the government to produce ventilators to help the NHS cope with the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, although it was ultimately stood down.

Grey, 54, grew up supporting West Bromwich Albion and was a huge admirer of their pioneering black players, Cyrille Regis, Laurie Cunningham, and Brendon Batson, known as the Three Degrees. He had been approached in the past by other clubs about working with them and he initially rejected Brentford’s interest too. So how did they convince him to change his mind?

“Peter Wright (Brentford’s partnerships director) reached out to us in May and said they were really interested in hooking up. I said, ‘No, I don’t do sports sponsorships!'

“One of my colleagues supports Leeds and he was invited down to watch a game (on the final day of the 2021-22 season). He came back and said: ‘Brentford are an interesting club, they do things differently. There is a lot of thought behind what they do’.

“My main thing was, can Brentford survive in the Premier League? The numbers work at that level but not so much in the Championship. Four billion people per year watch the Premier League. The global reach is fantastic. Gtech have a nice brand in the UK, but we want to grow outside it.

“Lots of clubs are run in an old-fashioned way, the decision-making is appalling and there’s politics, but Brentford seemed very different. It is a club where the people behind

Brentford finished 13th last season, 11 points above the relegation zone, but before he signed off on the deal, Grey needed to know how the club would react if their best players were poached by other teams. The club failed to convince Christian Eriksen to accept a new contract offer, which would have made him the best-paid player in their history, and he joined Manchester United.

Others may now be targeted. Since the start of the 2021-22 campaign, only Harry Kane (27), Mohamed Salah (26) and Son Heung-min (26) have scored more top-flight goals than Ivan Toney (20) while David Raya has broken into Spain’s squad. It would be no surprise if they were already being considered by bigger clubs.

It is not just players, either. Head coach Thomas Frank is in talks over a new contract, but has been linked with roles at Leicester City, Southampton and Brighton & Hove Albion.

“These are the questions we asked,” Grey says. “If we sponsor you and then your manager leaves or you sell your top striker, what happens then? Ollie Watkins left and Said Benrahma went to West Ham. You think it would have ripped the heart out of them, but they have got Ivan who seems even better. They are a group of people with a plan and a vision. I just trusted them.”

Grey also saw the value in forging a strong connection with the club’s leaders and learning how they conduct business. Since Matthew Benham became owner in 2012, Brentford’s data-led approach has given them a crucial edge in the transfer market. They signed Vitaly Janelt from German club Vfl Bochum for only £500,000 and he has excelled in the Premier League. Watkins cost the club £1.8million when they bought him from Exeter City in 2017. Three years later they sold him to Aston Villa for a club-record fee of £28m.

“I like the way they use data and insights — it is very modern and very advanced,” Grey says. “We’ve started to use more data in how we market and how we go forward, but I wanted to get better at it.

“They are experts in this and I’ve sort of said, ‘Look, if you can help me with Gtech, I will plough more money into Brentford’. I will sponsor the shirts if I can afford it as well and things like that. I saw it as a strategic partnership, not just a sponsorship opportunity. I wanted to learn from them and throw our support behind a really well-run business.”

Brentford’s shirts are currently sponsored by the South African-based gambling company Hollywood Bets and their current deal expires at the end of the 2022-23 season. Grey, who owns Gtech with his wife Louise, has been featured on The Sunday Times Rich List twice and in 2018 his fortune was estimated to be £120million. In its latest accounts, which cover up until November 30 2021, Gtech’s turnover was £65.1m and it recorded a pre-tax profit of £12.6m.

Whats next for the Gtech Stadium?

For now though, Grey’s focus is on finalising the branding around the stadium. He has never actually met Benham, but the pair plan on arranging a date in the near future. Grey mainly communicates with Varney, Wright and club director Nity Raj.

“Nity works in mysterious ways,” Grey says. “He is in the background doing lots of clever stuff. If he’s working on it, you know it’s important. He works closely with Matthew.

“When we came to brand the stadium, there was pushback at first and they said, ‘No, our stadium is red’ (Gtech’s logo is green). I said, ‘Red and green look great together, it’s like a Christmas tree!’. We can harmonise. I think the ground looks fantastic. It all seems to go perfectly well. We are really thrilled.”

The first Premier League match at the Gtech stadium with Gtech’s official branding was Brentford’s historic 4-0 victory over Manchester United. It was a milestone moment for Grey which vindicated his decision to leave his senior role at electrical goods brand Vax and set up his own business over 20 years ago. However, he missed the grand reveal.

“I couldn’t believe it. I promised my kids I would take them to the Boardmasters festival in Newquay and I didn’t even know about the Brentford deal at that stage,” Grey says. “I watched it on TV down in Newquay and it was incredible, but I would have loved to have been at the game. I have loved all the games apart from when I went to Villa Park (where Brentford lost 4-0 to Aston Villa on October 23) because that was painful.”

Brentford have played only six home matches this season and, apart from the demolition of United, the highlight has been their 5-2 victory over Leeds. Toney scored an incredible hat-trick and was rewarded a few days later by being called up to the England squad for the first time.

“One of my favourite ever goals I’ve seen live was when Ivan dispossessed Leeds’ goalkeeper (Illan Meslier),” Grey says. “The whole defence was running at him and he just dinked it over them. It seemed to be in slow motion. He scored that incredible free-kick as well and a beautiful penalty. But that is Ivan all over — he’s thinking on a different level.

“I loved what he said about taking penalties and the neuro-linguistic programming of imagining he’s on a beach having a cocktail. It’s genius.”

Grey says there were a “few sceptics” at first when the sponsorship deal was announced, but their “warmth grew and grew”. It helps, he says, that Gtech “have no skeletons in the closet”. He now runs a competition for every home match where he gives fans the opportunity to win free tickets.

Grey’s mother recently passed away which meant that he was unable to attend the 0-0 draw with Chelsea on October 19 but he was touched by the messages of support he received from the fans.

“Stadium sponsors can be really unpopular,” he says. “But when I’ve been to the ground lots of people say hello to me and it’s amazing. It’s more than just giving tickets away, I think they appreciate that I am interested in the football club and emotionally deeply invested in them already.

“I’m probably stronger for Brentford now than I am West Brom, because I do feel that affinity with the supporters. I see Gtech as my own money, so when I spend a lot of it I would only do it with something I really genuinely believe in.”

Read more from The Athletic here or Nick Grey's vision for the future with Brentford fans.

What to look for in a Cordless Vacuum

With so many makes and models to choose between, it's important to know what to look for in a cordless vacuum. We've compiled a list of the benefits and drawbacks of different vacuum types, as well as other product-specific features to consider when buying a cordless vacuum or cordless handheld.

Read more

DIY Pallet Table with the Gtech Combi Drill

We can all appreciate a good upcycle, so why not give it a go yourself? Gtech Power Tools make it even easier to expand on some home improvement skills and enjoy the accomplishment of making (perhaps) your very first DIY creation.


We made this side table from pallets using the versatile Combi Drill, and in just a few hours, you can make it too – no experience required!


The Gtech Combi Drill is a powerful tool that’s easy to use and comfortable to hold. With no cord holding you back, you can rapidly switch between drill, hammer drill, and screwdriver modes, allowing for an endless opportunity of DIY creations.

To create your own pallet side table, you’ll need:

-        2 pallets

-        80-90 x 30mm screws

-        Gtech Combi Drill

-        Wood saw

-        3-4 hours, depending on whether you are starting with ready to use wood or old pallets

-        Someone else to hold things in place


We also advise that you wear gloves during this process to avoid potential cuts or splinters when disassembling pallets if you are not familiar with this sort of DIY.

Let’s get going!


1.     Break apart the pallets and remove any nails from the wood.


2.     Cut the wood to length (if your wood is a different thickness, adjust the measurements to fit):

a.     3 pieces:    36cm x 7cm x 1.5cm

(1x front base panel, 1x shelf support, and 1x base support)

b.     10 pieces: 34cm x 7cm x 1.5cm

(5 pieces per shelf/base)

c.      3 pieces:    39cm x 12cm x 1.5cm

(3 pieces for the top)

d.     15 pieces: 60cm x 7cm x 1.5cm

(5 pieces per side)

3.     Place five of your base pieces next to each other lengthways, so that you create a 34cm x 35cm rectangle. On top of this, place the base support piece across all five of your base pieces, 1.5cm away from the 35cm edge. Using two screws for each base piece (10 screws in total), screw these into the base support. Repeat this for the shelf. Place these to one side.


4.     Using four of the side pieces, make the outer frame. To fit the front two pieces of the frame, screw one of the side pieces in to one of the 34cm edges of the base, leaving 7cm overhang on the bottom, as this is where the front base panel will attach later. Repeat this on the opposite 34cm edge so that you now have your front two frame pieces attached to the base. For the back two frame pieces, repeat the previous step, leaving a 1.5cm overhang at the back for the back panel to be attached. You should now have your four corner pieces, attached to the base.

5.     Slide the shelf into position, 12cm from the top of the frame pieces and screw this to the four corner pieces in line with the base.


6.     Attach the front base panel by screwing this into the base support piece.


7.     Build up the side and back panels, screwing them to the base and shelf. These don’t need to be flush to each other.

8.     Fit the top. Make sure there is at least one screw going through the top pieces of wood into each side piece of wood.

And there you have it – your very own pallet side table!


If you don’t need a table, there are many more DIY creations that can be crafted with the help of the Gtech Combi Drill. Get creative with it and see where your imagination takes you!


We would love to see how you’re using your Gtech Power Tools, so be sure to tag us @gtechsocial on Instagram and Facebook, or send us a picture of your hard work.


What will you create?

Perfect cleaning partners

Here at Gtech, we’re all about creating the perfect cleaning partners. Sometimes one vacuum just isn’t enough to do everything you need. That’s where our upright and handheld cleaning bundles come into play. Check out our System bundle or theHyLite 2 and ProLite combo, designed with you in mind, for floor to ceiling cleaning.

Not sure whether to go for bagged or bagless vacuums? Take our quiz here to find out which is best for you.

The Gtech System

For fans of bagless vacuums, try the Gtech System. Two lightweight cordless vacuums, one whole-home cleaning solution. Powered brush bars work alongside our patented AirLOC technology to tackle everything from large debris to fine dust. Together, this ultimate duo delivers up to one hour of runtime combined.

Got pets? It also comes in a K9 variant with aluminium strengthened components for stronger cleaning to tackle the embedded pet hair and scented tabs to help with any pet smells.

The Gtech HyLite 2 and ProLite Bundle

Prefer bagged vacuums? The HyLite 2 and ProLite are super lightweight cleaning partners. There are no filters to maintain or bins to change, but instead a triple-filtered dust bag, which you just remove and replace when full. Perfect for busy, modern lifestyles.

Already got the HyLite or HyLite 2? Grab the ProLite (body only) to complete the set and swap the compatible battery and charger between.

Check out the rest of our cordless hoovers to find the perfect match for you and your home.

Bagged or bagless, which is right for you?

With all the different options available nowadays, choosing the right vacuum can be pretty confusing. And the first (and possibly the biggest) decision to make is whether to go bagged or bagless.

Read more

Top 4 tips for taking care of your apple tree

Did you know that not all your gardening needs to wait till the spring? Lots of gardening tasks are best done at the end of winter before everything starts growing again, especially pruning deciduous trees such as apple trees.

Not only do apple trees look beautiful, but they also provide us with a delicious fruit full of impressive health benefits. Plus, once established, apple trees are rather easy to maintain, making them extremely popular with gardeners.

You might already have an apple tree in your garden, or perhaps you’re thinking about growing one this year. We’ve listed a few suggestions to ensure you get the most out of your apple tree.

Branch Cutter

1. Water during dry spells and when the fruit begins to plump

Larger trees will be more resilient but make sure that you are especially taking care of your young trees. Try placing a drip line to make watering easier.

2. Plant between November and March.

Don’t have your own apple tree yet or simply want another one? Plant bare-root and container grown trees over winter to give them the best head start.

3. Feed in early spring

At the beginning of spring, use a high potassium general fertiliser to give your trees some care. If your tree is growing in bare soil, scattering one handful per square metre will do, if it’s growing in grass, add another half a handful.

4. Prune once a year in winter

If you’ve been pruning your tree in spring, you’re probably getting your hedge trimmer or sheers covered in lots of sticky sap. Avoid this by pruning in winter before the fruit starts to grow, this will give the best crop and stop you from having to deal with all the sap.

Keep your trees and hedges in shape with the HT50 Hedge Trimmer and attachable Branch Cutter attachment. With the Branch Cutter you can cut through branches up to 60mm thick, perfect for getting those tougher branches the Hedge Trimmer might not be able to get through.

Winter is the new Spring

Move over Spring… Try a Winter Clean!

You might be waiting until April to begin your ‘Spring Clean’, but we think now’s the best time to get started. A new year calls for a freshen up!

Take a look at some of the tasks you can do around the home now, to save yourself a job in the future.

Lampshades and blinds


We’ve all been there. Noticing the dust as you switch off your lamp or close your blinds, telling yourself you’ll clean it next time. Well, the time is now! Grab a lightweight handheld vacuum (like the Gtech ProLite) and tick this one off your list.

Under the sofa

under sofa

The Gtech AirRAM reaches under most sofas with its low-profile handle. But if it can’t, then it’s time to pull the sofa aside to get those dust bunnies. Whilst you’re at it, take off all the sofa cushions and use your handheld on them - you might even find some loose change!


clean cupboards

Our cupboards and pantries often fall victim to ripped flour bags and spilt pasta. Reach the back and corners of your cupboards using a handheld vacuum with an extension tube, like the Gtech , then give everything a good wipe down.

We know it might still be a little chilly outside, but it’s a great time to get your garden ready for spring too.

Check your garden tools

white garden range

You might not have used your battery-powered tools since last summer, so it’s a good idea to give them a run to get the motors moving. Then, make sure you store the batteries indoors where it’s not too cold.

Collect those leaves


Messy leaves covering your garden? Get your Gtech Leaf Blower out! And if you’ve got your own compost bin, add the leaves to the bin and you’ll have a great stock ready for spring.

Trim the edges


A quick tidy-up of your lawn edges will get your garden looking neater instantly. Winter is the perfect time to get this done, so grab your GT50 grass trimmer before the grass starts to grow.

4 Health Benefits of a Clean Home

We’ve all heard the saying ‘tidy home, tidy mind’, and that’s something we preach here at Gtech. Not only does having a clean home make it easier to find something when you need it, but it can also have a positive impact on your health. Check out some of the ways that a clean home can benefit your health.

1. Improves mental health

under the sofa

Cleaning can seem daunting sometimes (especially if the jobs have been piling up), but having a clean home can really improve your mental health. After you’ve done the hard work, you can take time for yourself guilt-free and enjoy a sense of achievement! Struggling to get going? Start by picking up 11 things, then find a home for them or throw them away. If you feel like you can carry on, great! If not, then you’re 11 things closer to a cleaner home.

2. Helps to combat allergies

cat relaxing

If you suffer from dust and pet allergies, regular cleaning is a great way to keep them under control. As well as dusting down and wiping with a washable microfibre cloth, you can help to stop a build-up of dust and fur by ensuring you vacuum regularly. Check out our range of bagged vacuums, which are ideal for allergy sufferers. The bag ensures that the collected dust particles and fur remain contained inside, rather than being released back into your home when emptying. And as the bag acts as a filter, you don’t have to worry about unclogging fur and dust for maintenance – simply remove and replace when full.

3. Assists with relaxation and sleeping

cleaning kitchen

It’s easy to put off doing the washing up (and other jobs), but it’s not always so easy to sleep that night. By taking away these problems and getting them done before winding down in the evening, it’s much easier to relax our minds and get a good night’s sleep, which can drastically improve your mood and health.

4. Reduces the risk of cold and flu

person cleaning in a mask

Cleaning is essential when it comes to getting rid of bacteria and viruses in your home. Bacteria thrive on surfaces that get touched often, so make sure you’re not just wiping down kitchen surfaces, but also door handles, TV remotes, taps, and light switches.

Inspired to clean, but realised your vacuum is a little outdated? Check out our variety of cordless vacuums, built to tackle mess in a range of homes. Whether you’re looking for an upright or a handheld, bagged or bagless, we’ve got a selection of lightweight vacuums, designed to make your life a little bit easier.

Post Christmas Clean Up Checklist

Click here to get your printable Post-Christmas Clean Up checklist

Post Christmas Clean Up checklist

It’s that time.

Time to start thinking about putting the decorations away, cleaning up those pine needles, and getting ready for the new year. And we want to help!

Here’s a little list to help with those tedious tasks, available to print off at the bottom of this email, to tick off as you go.

1. Comfy clothes, always.

Comfort is key! So put away those tight jeans and reach for the Christmas PJs (for one last time).

2. Get the right playlist on.

Cleaning is boring without a good song to boogie along to! Check out our blog post for the ultimate cleaning playlist

3. Start with the surfaces.

Use the Gtech Multi for those leftover crumbs from the gingerbread house, then give everywhere a good wipe down.

4. Dust away the cobwebs.

Take down the lights and take up the opportunity to get into those neglected nooks and crannies. With its range of attachments, you can reach up high with the Gtech Pro 2, without having to grab the stepladder.

5. Time to vacuum!

You might’ve been putting off tackling the leftover glitter and pine needles, but a quick vacuum can change the whole look and feel of your home. Grab your cordless hoover, crank up the music, and you’ll be done in no time.

6. Aaaaand relax.

Put the kettle on, grab some Christmas leftovers, and get your feet up. Ready for a fresh start in a fresh, clean home.

Low maintenance winter plants for your garden

From seasonal potted plants to container displays that bloom just as beautiful post-downpour, we’ve got plenty of winter gardening tips tucked away in our Gtech gardening shed to help you find the best low maintenance winter plants for your garden.

So, whether you’re looking to get hot on horticulture or are simply an eternal optimist, this is your chance to locate the best winter plants for your frosty outdoor space this planting season.

Read on for all the winter gardening ideas you need.

Top 5 best winter plants for your garden

It goes without saying that the best winter plants for your garden are also the lowest maintenance (unless you’re happy pruning and replanting when the temperature dips below freezing!) As such, always keep your eyes peeled for perennials – they’re the evergreen varieties that aren’t as susceptible to damage during the winter months.

If in doubt about which perennial plants are right for your garden, hunt for festive-sounding names, like wintergreens and the divine Christmas rose. They look gorgeous paired with twinkling LED fairy lights!

Looking for more inspiration? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite winter garden plants, below.

1. Snowdrops


There is no maintenance necessary once you’ve planted these stunning white bell-shaped flowers.

Foliage on these snowy beauties dies back naturally, but it is recommended that you buy snowdrops ‘in the green’ (another way of saying ‘recently flowered’) as they are less likely to dry out and more likely to establish in their planted area.

2. Wintergreens


Adorned with wild red berries that turn to bronze in the winter, these vibrant stunners are the ultimate autumn/winter plant.

As they are low-lying forest plants that search for shade, wintergreen displays appear almost like a carpet along the soil (or lie flat in a pot), making for a gorgeous mat of fresh, bright foliage. Best of all? You can pick the berries when juicy and red and add to your homemade Christmas wreaths!

3. Winter-flowering pansies


While your traditional pansies thrive in spring, winter-flowering pansies bloom best in, well, winter months. These vary only from their spring-time cousin by their colour (yellow, maroon, white or purple varieties are the winter-flowering ones).

Something to remember, however, is that winter-flowering pansies do have a better chance of survival in warmer soil. As such, it is best to plant these types of pansies in the autumn months as they have more time to develop robust roots before the onset of harsh winter weather.

4. Christmas rose

Christmas Rose

Unlike red roses that thrive in warmer months, the Christmas rose plant is a hardy winter variety that has large, flat white flowers which spring wonderfully through well-drained soil.

They make for fantastic border plants and, as they naturally self-seed, they do not need to be replaced or moved in order to blossom during the frostier months.

5. Winter heather

Winter Heather

Most commonly spotted in frosty mountainous regions, winter heather is more than suited to our cold UK climates.

There are myriad varieties of winter heather, but foxhollow is perhaps one of the most beautiful. Bursting with pale pink and purple flowers, this wonderful hardy plant breaks through dull winter palettes to deliver long-lasting loveliness until early spring!

Want to get your garden looking its winter best before the cold snap? You need the gadgets to set the scene! Take a look at our top-of-the-range cordless leaf blowers and wall-mounted patio heaters to make your outdoor space an all-season social destination.

The best 5 Christmas gifts for cleaning lovers

While perfumes, bath gift sets, and cosy slippers might be top of many a shopper’s gift list this Christmas, they’re not the most… sentimental. Personal gifts that say ‘I know you’ are far more memorable – and, for many cleaning lovers, a stocking-full of cleaning supplies could be just what they’ve always wanted!

But before you pop a bow on that Domestos or gift wrap the all-purpose wipes, you should know that there are tonnes of wonderful cleaning gifts for her and him that are just as wow-worthy as the typical presents under the tree!

Want to know what to buy for someone who loves to clean? Take a look at our top picks, below.

1. Bear & Bear’s Steamery Lint Brush - £14

Mainstream lint brushes often go the way of high street umbrellas: you get exactly what you pay for. And just like cheap umbrellas, which break from the lightest puff of wind, low-cost lint rollers only remain sticky for the first garment and then – poof! – they’re useless.

That’s why your cleaning-obsessed friends need the brawn of Bear & Bear. Their Steamery Lint Brush is specially made with polyester weave that targets lint, hair, fuzz and dirt with one swift swoop. Unlike sticky tape rollers, this lint brush doesn’t leave glue marks and works on all fabrics.

We especially recommend this house cleaning gift for pet owning pals – their thick black winter coat will thank us later!

2. Scrub Daddy’s Non-Scratch Scrubbing Sponge - £11.99

Yes, they probably have tonnes of scrubbing sponges in their cleaning cupboard, but has your cleaning-obsessed pal invested in a Scrub Daddy yet?

If the answer is ‘no’ then it looks like you’ve found the ideal stocking filler for your spotless friends!

Made with FlexTexture, an exclusive material for Scrub Daddy, this non-scratching scrubbing sponge changes texture depending on the water temperature: firmer when in cold water to facilitate tougher scrubbing scenarios; softer in warm water for light-touch cleaning. It’s a one-size-fits-all scrubbing sponge – a must-have unique cleaning gift for sink-dwelling friends!

3. Vicoter’s Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner - £10.25

Your pristine pals will tell you that cleaning the microwave can be a real faff, especially after a porridge eruption or soup explosion (or Christmas pudding, for the festive folk). That’s why Vicoter’s ‘Angry Mama’ microwave cleaner can be a real godsend come Christmas.

This neat doll not only looks adorable, fresh out of her wrapping paper, but she is just the right size for cleaning a standard microwave. To use, simply add the white vinegar and water to Mama’s head, twist shut, and then microwave for 3-5 minutes. You know she’s worked her magic once her steaming head has come to a stop. A unique cleaning gift idea for a friend who loves novelty products!

4. Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day Candles – from £7

It might not be a cleaning supply so to speak, but Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day candles lift up any cleaning day. Made with cruelty-free formulas and essential oils, your cleaning-loving friends will simply adore the fresh smell of these garden-inspired scents. Plus, their recycled glass pots look ultra pretty!

Lavender, honeysuckle, and peony are just some of the beatific fragrances to choose from in this calming range – ideal for anyone who loves the refreshing, satisfying essence of a clean home.

5. Gtech’s Pet Hair Hand Vacuum - £169.99

While the shape of an upright pet vacuum might give the game away under the Christmas tree, a hand vac, on the other hand, does much the same job - but is far more subtle.

Just take the Gtech K9 handheld vac , for instance. One of the best on the market for cleaning up impossible-to-shift pet hair, this handy vacuum makes light work of pet fluff that has crammed its way between gnarly carpet fibres and in hard-to-reach corners.

There are even accessories that you can add on to make cleaning jobs even simpler, like the crevice attachment for tight spaces and the brush attachment for dust. An ideal house cleaning gift for anyone who loves a gadget.

Alternatively, the Gtech HyLite 2 works as a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who needs a lightweight vacuum that doubles as both an upright and a handheld for compact cleaning all around the home.

Now you’ve shopped around for your cleaning buddies, it’s time to add to your personal shopping list. So, why not make 2022 the spickest and spannest yet with a cordless stick or upright vacuum . Take your pick of our products on our website today!

The ultimate cleaning playlist: What are the best cleaning songs of all time?

We’ve all been there: to-do list written out, cleaning cupboard fully stocked, Marigolds at the ready – and yet you just can’t find the right song to start your cleaning spree.

After all, a suitable soundtrack can help you breeze through even the most cumbersome cleaning chores. But are there certain songs that are better suited to cleaning than others? Do we fall back on old reliables or seek something new while dusting the far corners of our living rooms?

To unravel the mysteries of the perfect cleaning playlist, we analysed the 10 most followed cleaning-themed playlists on Spotify to identify the most popular songs, artists and albums to clean to.

Continue reading, below, to find out who made the squeaky-clean cut.

What is the ultimate cleaning song?

Ranking Song Artist Year Released Total instances
#1 September Earth, Wind & Fire 1978 6
#2 Bad Habits Ed Sheeran 2021 5
#3 Bad Romance Lady Gaga 2009 5
#4 Billie Jean Michael Jackson 1982 5
#5 Levitating Dua Lipa 2020 5
#6 Shut Up and Dance Walk the Moon 2014 5

According to our research, September by Earth, Wind & Fire is the ultimate cleaning song, appearing in 60% of the cleaning playlists in our dataset.

Notably, September and the other most popular cleaning songs are all pop/disco tunes, suggesting that people mostly look for familiar high energy tracks to motivate them to tackle their to-do list. The iconic seventies song is closely followed by five other popular cleaning songs: Bad Habits, Bad Romance, Billie Jean, Levitating, and Shut Up and Dance.

There is a little more variation when it comes to the music eras these songs originate from, however. The top six most popular cleaning tracks were released across five different decades (70s, 80s, 00s, 10s and the 20s), showing that generational music boundaries are blurred when it comes to cleaning the home.

Who is the most popular artist to listen to while cleaning?

Ranking Artist Total Instances
#1 Justin Bieber 37
#2 Dua Lipa 30
#3 Taylor Swift 28
#4 One Direction 25
#5 Kesha 24
#6 Kygo 23
#7 Maroon 5 22
#8 Jason Derulo 21
#9 Katy Perry 21
#10 Ed Sheeran 19

As for the most popular artist that people love listening to while tidying up, Justin Bieber takes the crown. There are 37 instances of his songs across our cleaning playlists, from classics such as Baby and What Do You Mean? to more modern releases like Peaches and Hold On.

Much like the most popular songs in our dataset, the top 10 cleaning artists are almost exclusively pop artists. There is certainly a trend across the cleaning playlists that favours pop and chart music, with people wanting these familiar sounds scoring their spring clean.

As such, chart topping songs from the likes of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift help to maintain the genre’s dominance of popular cleaning playlists. For example, Sheeran’s Bad Habits and Shape of You made five and four appearances across different playlists, respectively, while Swift’s Shake It Off also racked up four appearances. All of these songs spent considerable time at number one in the UK charts.

What is the most popular cleaning album?

Ranking Album Artist No. playlists featured Total Instances
#1 SOUR Olivia Rodrigo 6 16
#2 Animal Kesha 5 16
#3 Future Nostalgia Dua Lipa 6 10
#4 Heaven & Hell Ava Max 3 10
#5 One of the Boys Katy Perry 5 8
#6 Good Girl Gone Bad Rihanna 4 8
#7 Made in the A.M. One Direction 2 8
#8 Happier Than Ever Billie Eilish 2 8
#9 Purpose Justin Bieber 4 7
#10 Some Nights fun. 5 6

In terms of albums, cleaners just can’t get enough of Olivia Rodrigo’s debut release, SOUR. Recorded during the height of the pandemic, the 2021 album has certainly found a loving audience among the followers of our cleaning playlists, appearing 16 times across our dataset. This popularity is no doubt spearheaded by ‘good 4 u’ and ‘driver license’, which feature in 40% of the chosen playlists.

Joining SOUR on 16 instances is Kesha’s 2010 hit album, Animal, which introduced us to such hits as TikTok and Your Love Is My Drug. The only different between these two albums is that SOUR has been included on six different cleaning playlists compared to Animal’s five. It’s a small detail but one that gives Rodrigo the edge over her competitor.

Our data also shows that, notably, the list of most popular cleaning albums is very female-focused. Including list-toppers Olivia Rodrigo and Kesha, 70% of the top 10 albums are led by solo female artists with Dua Lipa, Rihanna and Katy Perry all sharing in the success.

Conversely, only Justin Bieber, One Direction and fun. carry the flame for male artists in this category – yet none of their albums still cannot breach the top five most popular.

Got the perfect spring cleaning soundtrack to help you breeze through your to-do list? Well, you can make your chores even easier by shopping with Gtech! Browse our collection of cordless vacuums that glide effortlessly from carpets to hard-floors without getting into a tangle with trailing wires.

What are the best cleaning shows ever?

The satisfying clean up compilations, the dramatic transformations, the fascination with mess; here at Gtech, we just can’t get enough of cleaning TV shows. Their ability to inspire and even make us fall in love with housework is unrivalled.

And as Christmas approaches, we’re going to need all the motivation possible to get our homes ready for all the festive friends and family visiting from afar! That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of the best-rated cleaning shows of all time, providing the inspiration you need to tackle that tricky to-do list.

Continue reading, below, to find out which cleaning shows are truly worth the watch.

What are the best-rated cleaning shows on IMDB?

Ranked by IMDb rating Cleaning show Country IMDb rating Where to watch
#1 Hot Mess House America 8 Amazon Prime
#2 Sort Your Life Out UK 7.9 BBC iPlayer
#3 Grime & Punishment: Dirty Britain UK 7.8 Channel 5
#4 Call the Cleaners UK 7.6 Amazon Prime
#5 Clean House America 7.5 Amazon Prime
#6 How Clean Is Your House? UK 7.4 YouTube
#7 Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners UK 7.3 Channel 4
#8 Mission: Organization America 7.3 HGTV
#9 Britain's Biggest Hoarders UK 7.2 YouTube
#10 Filthy House SOS UK 6.9 Channel 5
#11 Clean Sweep America 6.9 TLC
#12 Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things America 6.7 Netflix
#13 Tidying Up With Marie Kondo America 6.6 Netflix
#14 Master The Mess America 6.6 DirecTV
#15 Hoarding: Buried Alive America 6.6 TLC
#16 Hoarders America 6.4 Amazon Prime
#17 Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo America 6.3 Netflix
#18 The Minimalists: Less Is Now America 5.9 Netflix
#19 Kim's Rude Awakenings Canada 5.2 YouTube
#20 Get Organised With The Home Edit America 4.9 Netflix

According to our research, Hot Mess House is the highest rated TV cleaning show of all time, currently sitting pretty with an IMDb rating of 8/10.

Hosted by professional organiser Cassandra Aarssen, Hot Mess House helps clients clear up their messy spaces via video conferencing technology. The focus is on bringing flow back into the home, which makes it the perfect programme for the post-covid TV consumer to enjoy.

At the other end of the spectrum, Get Organised with the Home Edit holds the unfortunate title of the worst-rated cleaning show in our data set. This Netflix series about decluttering to create stunning spaces only has an average IMDb score of 4.9/10, which puts it below other poor performers such as Kim’s Rude Awakenings and The Minimalists: Less is Now. It’s not all bad news for the Home Edit though: they recently topped our cleanfluencers earnings list, taking home over £10,000 per Instagram post, proving their social presence is much stronger than their streaming!

We also looked at where the best cleaning shows are produced – and we’re proud to say that the UK comes out on top over our friends across the Atlantic. Not only is our top 10 best rated cleaning show list dominated by the UK (70% of the shows were produced here), but British cleaning series also have a higher rating on IMDb, averaging 7.4/10, compared to North America’s 6.5.

When were the best-rated cleaning shows released?

Ranking Time period Amount of cleaning shows Average IMDb rating
#1 2001-2005 4 7.3
#2 2011-2015 3 7.91
#3 2016-2020 7 6.9
#4 2021-present 3 6.7
#5 2006-2010 3 6.1

Looking at when all our cleaning shows first aired, we found that 2001-2005 was the golden age for new cleaning shows, averaging an IMDb rating of 7.3/10.

Cleaning classics such as Clean House, Mission: Organization and Clean Sweep all made their television debuts in this time, each finding critical and commercial success just after the turn of the millennium. But Brits will most likely remember Kim and Aggie’s no nonsense approach to housework from 2003 onward, with cult classic How Clean Is Your House? bringing science and attitude in equal measure for a captivating combo.

The busiest period for new cleaning shows came between 2016 and 2020, however. Seven major series made their debut in those packed five years, including Filthy House SOS, Master the Mess and Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.

In fact, there has been an explosion of cleaning shows in the last decade, compared to the 10 years prior. From 2011 to 2021, 13 shows on our list made their first broadcasting appearances, whereas only seven shows started their series before 2011. Certainly, the advent of online streaming services has given new life to the genre – which is great news for the cleaning-obsessed (like us)!

Itching to declutter and reorganise your home after a Master the Mess marathon? Or maybe you’d like to put some timely Marie Kondo advice to the test? Whatever your cleaning needs, Gtech is here to help! Just browse our full collection of cordless vacuums to find the convenient cleaning companion that you never knew you needed.

How much do cleanfluencers earn on Instagram?

women cleaning and looking at her phone

Have you ever stopped to think about how much the top cleanfluencers (cleaning influencers) earn every time they post?

Capturing hundreds of thousands of their followers’ attention, in today’s world of social media there is a tidy profit to be made simply by being good at cleaning. Who’d have thought it, eh?

Take a look at our helpful infographic, below, to find out how much your favourite cleanfluencer makes for a quick video or sponsored post on Instagram.

Cleanfluencers Infographic

Instagram earnings per post

Name Instagram Handle Average Earnings per Post
Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin thehomeedit £10,546.76
Marie Kondo mariekondo £7,726.36
Sophie Hinchcliffe mrshinchhome £8,008.58
Becky Rapinchuk cleanmama £2,092.06
Ría Safford riorganize £878.51
Kathryn Snearly doitonadime £741.02
Toni Hammersley abowlfulloflemons £718.58
Lynsey Crombie lynsey_queenofclean £714.24
Samantha Pregenzer simplyorganized £704.11
Danielle Dixon housetohomeatlast £667.20
Gemma Bray the_organised_mum £644.05
Nicola Lewis thisgirlcanorganise £477.61
Iryna Federico fromgreatbeginnings £399.46
Megan Hickman lovemeg09 £390.05
Melissa Maker cleanmyspace £335.05

Instagram likes vs posts

Name Instagram Handle Total Instagram Posts Average Likes per Post
Sophie Hinchliffe mrshinchhome 282 433,417
Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin thehomeedit 3,659 13,313
Marie Kondo mariekondo 1,048 10,863
Kathryn Snearly doitonadime 1,449 5,820
Megan Hickman lovemeg09 1,812 4,846
Lynsey Crombie lynsey_queenofclean 2758 1965
Danielle Dixon housetohomeatlast 1,532 1853
Toni Hammersley abowlfulloflemons 3,945 1739
Iryna Federico fromgreatbeginnings 404 1,415
Ría Safford riorganize 1,145 1,355
Gemma Bray the_organised_mum 1,452 1,048
Nicola Lewis thisgirlcanorganise 987 915
Samantha Pregenzer simplyorganized 1,303 878
Becky Rapinchuk cleanmama 5,138 407
Melissa Maker cleanmyspace 2 ,330 397

Data accurate as of 9th September 2021

*Data ordered by most average likes

Inspired by the runaway success of these top cleanfluencers? You can channel that enthusiastic energy into keeping your own home spick and span – and we’re here to help. Our range of cordless vacuum cleaners are effective and easy-to-use, clearing your carpets and floors in no time at all. Browse our full collection here.

Four TikTok cleaning hacks you need to try in 2021 – and two you should avoid

Cleaning kitchen surfaces

While Instagram is abuzz with Mrs Hinch cleaning tips and advice from Marie Kondo, you shouldn’t sleep on another resource of seemingly limitless cleaning hacks: TikTok.

On #cleantok alone, there has been over 20 billion views as people search for TikTok cleaning tips and tricks to ease their workload. But with so many videos to sift between, how do you know which CleanToks are true and which are unreliable?

Well, we took a deep dive into TikTok cleaning videos so you don’t have to. Continue reading, below, to find out the four TikTok cleaning hacks you need to try in 2021, as well as the two which have accrued a wealth of engagement – but are actually all hype.

Four TikTok cleaning hacks to try

  • 1. TikTok toilet cleaning hack

While scrubbing the toilet is always at the bottom of everyone’s to-do list, you’ve still got to ensure that porcelain is sparkling once you’re finished.

Luckily, Carolina Mccauley’s TikTok toilet cleaner hack is there to guide you through the steps to get a pristine privy with every clean. Here’s how she does it:

  • 1. Start by spraying the toilet from top to bottom with white vinegar and then wipe the surfaces with toilet paper.
  • 2. Next, soak some toilet paper with white vinegar and place under the rim of the bowl, all the way around, letting them sit for 10 minutes.
  • 3. After the time has passed, remove the toilet paper and then scrub any remaining residue with a toothbrush.
  • 4. To finish up, pour white vinegar and baking soda into the toilet bowl and give a once over with a toilet brush.

Et voila, this TikTok toilet bowl cleaner guide leaves your throne spick and span – and all without the help of harsh chemicals

  • 2. TikTok carpet cleaner hack

Fed up with constantly vacuuming only to be left with a stale, musty smell afterwards? Mom That Loves to Clean knows your struggle – that’s why she devised an ingenious way to leave your house smelling fresh.

Her TikTok vacuum cleaner hack is a simple one, too: just add a few drops of essential oil to the filter and then vacuum as normal. It’s such a small change but your floors will thank you for this #cleantok tip with a welcoming fragrance.

If you own one of our Gtech K9 vacuum cleaners, such as our AirRam, Pro or Multi cordless cleaner, then you can use our scented cartridges to prolong this lovely aroma for longer. Perfect for cleaning up after pets!

  • 3. TikTok shower cleaner hack

With our efforts usually focussed on the mould and limescale growing on the faucets, a dirty shower screen can escape our attention – but not with Refined Living on the case.

Their TikTok shower cleaner hack guides you through the process of cleaning this often-overlooked part of your shower. See below, for a step-by-step breakdown of their simple TikTok cleaning tip.

  • 1. Simply rinse the shower screen with your shower head if it detachable. Otherwise, a spray bottle filled with water will do the trick.
  • 2. Next, fill up a refillable dishwasher brush with washing up liquid and scrub the surface from top to bottom.
  • 3. Finish off with a window cleaner squeegee, removing the soaps and suds from the glass. This way, you don’t get any unsightly streaks as you would from a cloth or toilet paper.

And there you have it, a TikTok shower cleaner hack that you can easily fold into your normal cleaning routine.

  • 4. TikTok washing up hack

Can’t bring yourself to tackle the assortment of pots, pans and trays ‘soaking’ in the sink? It might be time to turn to the freezer.

Well, that’s according to Tanya Home Inspo’s TikTok pan cleaning hack, anyway. In her video, she freezes washing up liquid into ice cubes and then uses those cubes to clean the stubborn stains off an oven grill with ease – but it’s just as effective on all kinds of dishes.

Just make sure you refill your ice tray with more washing up liquid to repeat this TikTok cleaning hack for the next round of irritating washing up.

Two TikTok cleaning hacks to avoid

  • 1. TikTok car cleaner hack

We all look for ways to speed up our car cleaning processes, especially when the unpredictable British weather could turn at a moment’s notice.

Yet, you should avoid recreating itzshauni’s TikTok car cleaner hack. In her video, she pours washing up liquid down a hose before attaching the head attachment, resulting in soapy water being sprayed directly onto the car. It’s a nifty trick, granted, but you should never use washing up liquid as it damages the paint of your car.

Instead of following this particular TikTok cleaning hack, you need to use a bespoke car soap that cleans without leaving a mark. As for your upholstery, a handheld vacuum will have your car interior clear of crumbs, dust and debris in no time.

  • 2. TikTok washing machine cleaning hack

While cleaning your washing machine might not have even crossed your mind, if it does pop up on your to-do list then don’t follow the example of this particular TikTok cleaning account.

King of the Clean’s TikTok washing machine hack shows him putting two dishwasher tablets into the machine and then setting it for a spin. However, this method can cause an excess of foam build-up in the drum, which can lead to performance issues in the future.

To get your washing machine sparkling, add half a cup of soda crystals to the appliance and run it on its highest and hottest setting. Good as new!

Unsure of which #cleantok videos are effective and which ones are fruitless? Make sure you read our blog post, ’Answer Google: Can I Clean It?’, to put any lingering doubts to bed.

Otherwise, you’re now ready to put your TikTok cleaning hacks to the test. And here at Gtech, we want to make your tidying chores even easier – that’s why we’ve developed a state-of-the-art range of cordless vacuum cleaners. Browse our full floorcare collection here.

Compost Coupling: Which Composting Option is Right For Your Small Space?

Compost coupling

With eco concerns at a record high, there has never been a better time to go green and care for Mother Earth - and one of the most vital, yet easiest ways to go green is to reuse your waste by composting household scraps. Of course, if you have limited space, composting your off-cuts might seem more like a pipedream than a probability, especially considering how much the average British garden is shrinking. But a spacious garden needn’t stop your composting dreams!

Seriously – there are plenty of eco-friendly options available to all home-dwellers. Whether your outdoor space consists of a small garden, prim patio or simple balcony, there is always an avenue for you to start composting. Continue reading, below, to find out how to compost in a small space.

How to compost on a small patio

A tumbling composter is the perfect patio compost solution. The long legs of this composting tool ward off any hedgehogs, mice or voles looking for a warm place to catch a few z’s. Not to mention that they are also very durable and don’t take up much in the way of precious square footage.

To use a tumbling composter, just load the drum with your waste and then crank it. By turning the tumbler regularly, you provide the airflow that compost needs to ferment, speeding up the process tenfold.

How to compost on a small balcony

As the littlest and most compact of all the composting methods, a static compost bin is the best and only choice for balconies. High-rise composting is satisfyingly simple, too. Just place your compost bin in a cool corner out of the sun, layer the bottom with fresh soil and then fill the rest of the container with that magic mix of green and brown waste. Six to nine months later, you’ve got nutritional compost to keep your balcony plants vibrant and healthy.

If you’re growing an inner-city forest on your terrace, then consider buying a bigger compost bin to match your gardening ambitions. Or use multiple compost bins, stacked on top of each other, to always have a helping of compost brewing away.

How to compost in a small garden

Rather than the special composting tools that other spaces require, a grass garden offers a no-frills, more old-fashioned approach: dig a trench and then leave it be. Yes, this method does require a bit of elbow grease, but the benefits far outweigh the drudgery. You won’t have to deal with any bad smells or persistent flies that may hang around a bin or tumbler, for one. In fact, you’ll forget the trench is there at all – this is called ‘invisible composting’ and it’s great for keeping your garden nice and tidy.

So, grab a spade, dig a small trench, fill it with layers of greens and browns and then bury with soil. Leave the waste for a few months before either unearthing your compost prize or planting vegetables on top of the trench to give your crops a turbo boost in growing season.

The five rules of composting

The 5 rules of composting

Composting is just one of many ways to show a little TLC to your garden. You can also mow the lawns, trim the hedges and tidy the leaves- all of which are made easier with Gtech’s garden care tools. Head over to the Gtech website to browse our range of garden care tools.

Cleaning compromises: how to live with a messy person

Person sat in messy room

On paper, with more hands to split tasks and keep on top of clutter, living with another person should make keeping the house clean easier.

The reality, however, is often the opposite of a harmonious cleaning relationship. A messy husband, wife or friend can throw even the most scrupulous of cleaning routines out of the window.

But that doesn’t mean you should seethe in silence. The cleaning experts here at Gtech have pulled together some top tips for living with a messy person that will keep your house tidy and your relationship intact.

Continue reading, below, to find out how to live with a messy housemate.

1. Understand why they are so messy

While it might feel like your messy friend is going out of the way to create clutter, the most likely scenario is that they don’t realise the chaos they leave in their wake.

Perhaps they have a very different idea of what constitutes a messy home, or maybe your messy person finds a little bit of comfort in an untidy room. Understanding a messy person’s psychology is key to curbing any anger or frustration you may be holding onto - which is essential for the success of the next step.

2. Talk about cleaning expectations (and be willing to compromise)

More than anything, understanding your untidy foe (we mean “friend”) is vital for communication. That’s right, no more passive aggressive notes; the most productive step you can take is to talk to your messy spouse or friend.

Use this opportunity to discuss what you both feel constitutes a messy house (you will likely find you have very different standards). From that point, you can start to establish non-negotiable clean areas that must stay tidy from day-to-day, especially communal areas, like the lounge and kitchen.

Just remember, living with another person is about compromise, so you must be willing to concede that keeping the entire house spick and span is an unreasonable negotiating stance.

3. Create a cleaning schedule you both agree on

If you both came out of the talking stage still on good terms then you’ve already hurdled the most tricky obstacle! Now, you just need to create a cleaning schedule that delegates household tasks evenly.

A great way to balance cleaning duties is to assign your messy person all the tasks that they like doing - or at least avoid giving them the tasks you know they hate. After all, your housemate is more likely to tackle a messy room if they feel it’s achievable and have the motivation to see their task through to the end.

You should also avoid putting strict timeframes on the assigned tasks. Give your messy person the freedom to decide when to complete their chores and don’t nag them about any outstanding assignments as it could negatively impact your relationship.

4. Purchase the right cleaning equipment

In accordance with delegating your messy person the more manageable tasks, you may also want to consider buying cleaning equipment that makes both your domestic lives easier. This may encourage your messy spouse or friend to step up in the future.

For example, who really enjoys carrying a heavy vacuum from room to room? No-one. That’s why cordless vacuum cleaners are a shared tenant’s dream. Tackling floors, tight corners, and – yes, even the dreaded staircase, a cordless vac will see both you and your messy housemate ease into an effortless cleaning compromise.

5. Have your own haven of cleanliness

Even if you follow all our steps to the letter, the reality of living with a messy person is that there are still going to be days when their messiness just gets a bit too much. And sometimes, the most diplomatic solution is to simply remove yourself from the cluttered surroundings.

As such, it’s a smart idea to carve out your own personal space of cleanliness that you can retreat to when your messy housemate’s habits start to overwhelm. If you live with a friend, take shelter in your bedroom or, if you live with a spouse, use a spare bedroom or a study for your peaceful alone time.

These breaks from the mess can help alleviate any stress and frustrations that would otherwise have been taken out on your housemate. After all, it’s all about maintaining a happy home as well as a tidy one!

Looking for a vacuum cleaner that will even inspire your messy friend to don their Marigolds? Head over to Gtech to browse our full collection of cordless vacuums, including upright and stick models.

Best Cleaning Products For Allergy Sufferers

pro 2 vacuum cleaner chassis

As the cacophony of coughs, sneezes and wheezes will tell you, allergy season is well and truly upon us. For many, this means live updates of pollen counts, vigilant sanitisation and avoiding certain cleaning products. Well, here at Gtech, we wanted to do our part to make this time of near constant sniffles more bearable. That’s why we’ve done our homework and created a list of our favourite cleaning products for allergy sufferers. Continue reading, below, to find out how to make your cleaning routine kinder to you and your skin.</p>

1. Air purifiers for allergy sufferers

For many people with sensitive sinuses, even just opening a window in the summer is enough to get the eyes watering, thanks to all the invisible enemies in the air (we’re looking at you, pollen). But don’t worry, you aren’t doomed to a season of sweltering heat shut up indoors – not with a decent air purifier, anyway.

2. Sanitiser for allergy sufferers

With sanitisers becoming part and parcel of our daily routine over the last 18 months, finding a suitable product for allergy sufferers has never been more vital. Well, maybe Aquaint could be the solution.

Where typical alcohol-based gels contain toxic chemicals and irritate your skin, Aquaint is a 100% natural product that not only kills 99.9% of bacteria but is also gentler to your skin. What’s more, this natural sanitising water can be used all around the house, disinfecting surfaces, toys, cutlery and even food! All things considered, it’s little wonder why Aquaint has got the ‘allergy-friendly product’ seal of approval from Allergy UK themselves.

3. Laundry detergent for allergy sufferers

As people with sensitive skin will attest, reliable laundry cleaning products for allergy sufferers are few and far between, with many brands causing itchy outbreaks of rashes. With ecoegg’s Laundry Egg, however, these cases of contact dermatitis are no longer a concern. This innovative laundry washing system replaces your normal detergent and conditioner combo to give you a gentler wash via natural mineral pellets. In fact, ecoegg’s Laundry Egg was specifically designed for people with sensitive skin and has been dermatologically tested on its effectiveness. Still not convinced? The Laundry Egg is just as kind to the environment as it is to your skin – saving up to 40* bottles of plastic each year.

*Based on 7 washes a week and 18 wash bottles.

4. All-purpose cleaning products for allergy sufferers

Whether you’re wiping surfaces or washing the dishes, rubber gloves are an absolute must-have for ardent cleaners with sensitive skin – but what if there were cleaning products available that didn’t require you to cover up?

Well, that’s exactly what Fill are offering. From floor cleaners to toilet cleaners, this eco-friendly company promises effective products for allergy sufferers by using no harsh chemicals or added fragrances. Their unscented laundry liquid, in particular, is Allergy UK-approved so you know Fill are the real deal. Best of all, there’s not a single use plastic bottle in sight, with Fill encouraging customers to refill their glass bottles for the sake of Mother Earth.

Final word: Top cleaning tips for allergy sufferers

Owning the best cleaning products for allergies is only half the battle, the rest comes down to your cleaning technique. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few tips, below, to help you get started.

1. Watch the room temperature: As dust mites and mould spores thrive on heat and humidity, controlling the temperature in your home can minimise their growth. Try to maintain a room temperature between 20˚C and 22˚C, as well as a humidity level of no more than 50%, to save yourself a job later down the line.
2. Don’t forget the dustiest areas: Some of the dustiest areas in the house are also the most neglected. Hidden hotspots, such as ceiling fans, blinds and window sills, are a breeding ground for harmful allergens – so ensure you factor these areas into your cleaning routine.
3. Opt for microfibre cloths: While kitchen roll and cotton towels may be more convenient, a microfibre cloth is designed to better attract dust and bacteria. For the best results, dampen the cloth lightly before cleaning.
4. If you have pets, vacuum every other day: Even with short hair breeds, pets moulting fur are one of the main sources of allergens in the house. Tackle these tufts of hair before they become a problem by vacuuming every other day.
5. Select bagged vacuums where possible: Typically, bagged vacuums, such as our Gtech Pro 2, are the best vacuum cleaners for allergy sufferers as all the debris is sealed when emptied into the bin. Don’t worry if you do have a bagless vacuum though – just wash out the filter with each use.
Looking for a vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers? Gtech has got you covered with our collection of bagged vacuums. Or head over to our website to explore our full range of cordless vacuum cleaners.

Best eco-friendly household cleaning products

Best eco-friendly household cleaning products

With eco-consciousness on the rise, more people than ever are hunting for chemical-free cleaning alternatives that are easy on the environment. Even celebs like Chrissy Teigen and Kris Jenner are getting involved,, releasing their own line of eco-cleaning products. But with so many options on the market, it can be a little tricky to know which green products are the most effective. That’s why we’ve pulled together this guide to finding the best eco-cleaning products for your home, which also includes recommendations for some of our favourite brands. Let’s make your cleaning routine a little kinder to Mother Earth.

Why should I avoid standard household cleaning products?

We know what you’re thinking, your normal cleaning brand has served you admirably for years, so why would you change now? Well, in addition to harming the environment, the chemicals found in standard cleaning products pose a health hazard to you, too.

See our table, below, for a breakdown of the most common household cleaning chemicals and their harmful side effects.

It doesn’t look great, does it? But not to worry – take a look at some of the best non-toxic cleaning alternatives that benefit both your health and the environment, below.

Eco-friendly toilet cleaner

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need toxic chemicals to get rid of germs clinging to your toilet bowl – natural ingredients are just as effective at cleaning stubborn stains. Take Bower toilet cleaner refill, for example. Instead of petrochemicals, phosphates and other harmful chemicals, this eco-friendly toilet cleaner gel uses natural citric acids to leave your porcelain sparkling – and it’s vegan and cruelty-free to boot!

So, ensure you always look at the ingredients before adding that supermarket toilet bleach to your basket – there are natural, greener options available, if you know where to look.

Eco-friendly biodegradable anti-bacterial wipes

For a swift and simple solution to spills and surface stains, there’s nothing better than anti-bacterial wipes. However, many wipe brands are not recyclable and take hundreds of years to decompose, clogging up landfills. To help clean up both your home and the environment, you need to find biodegradable cleaning wipes to replace your usual brand. We recommend The Cheeky Panda Anti-Bacterial Surface Wipes for the job, which are 100% biodegradable and wipe surfaces clean with ease.

Regardless of your brand choice, keep an eye out for the label that says ‘100% biodegradable’ to ensure you are buying eco-friendly anti-bacterial wipes.

Eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner

No cleaning cupboard stockpile is complete without a decent all-purpose cleaner that can tackle stubborn stains in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Yet, you don’t want your trusty cleaner to be harming the environment with toxic chemicals and unrecyclable plastic bottles that sit in landfills. That’s why you should opt for a multi-surface cleaner that’s manufactured to minimise its impact on the environment.

Ecover Multi-Action Spray is one such eco-friendly cleaning product. Not only is the cleaning solution based on plant and mineral ingredients, but the spray bottle is made using Plantplastic (a plastic sourced from sugarcane) and is 100% recyclable.

Eco-friendly laundry detergent / washing powder

When it comes to washing your clothes, you want a laundry detergent that’s just as kind to the environment as it is to your clothes. The trick is to opt for an eco-friendly laundry detergent that’s created using naturally-sourced ingredients, rather than harsh chemicals, which pollute water and cause your clothes to fade.

Norfolk Natural Living’s Natural Laundry Detergent, for instance, includes only naturally-occurring botanical ingredients that keep your clothes crisp and clean. You can also reduce your impact on the environment even further by refilling your existing bottle via Norfolk Natural Living’s subscription service.

Either online or in-store, always check for harmful chemicals or toxic ingredients on any given laundry detergent’s label or product description.

Eco-friendly washing up liquid

While cleaning the dishes every night might seem harmless enough, the washing up liquid suds can pollute the water when drained back into rivers and the sea. That’s why you need to buy washing up liquid that minimises the amount of chemicals in its ingredients, while still offering that sparkly clean finish. For example, Bio-D Fragrance Free Washing Up Liquid uses sodium chloride and natural citric acids to wipe away stubborn stains with ease. Plus, this eco-friendly washing up liquid is concentrated, so it lasts much longer than your standard supermarket brand!

If in doubt about your chosen environmentally friendly washing up liquid, search for ethical stickers on the bottle, such as ‘Vegan’, ‘Cruelty-Free’ and ‘Ethical Consumer Best Buy’.

Eco-friendly rubber gloves

Rubber gloves are an essential part of every house cleaning kit, protecting your hands form any chemicals that could irritate your skin. However, millions of cleaning gloves end up in our landfills every year, posing a severe threat to the environment. To be more green with your yellow rubber gloves, you need to ensure you are buying brands that can be reused multiple times and are also recyclable when you do throw them away.

Eco Living’s Natural Latex Rubber Gloves are a great example of eco-friendly washing up gloves. Not only are they reusable, biodegradable and compostable, but Eco Living will plant a tree for every packet sold!

Eco-friendly bin liners

How many times do you take the bins out per week? Once? Twice? Maybe even three times? Just think about the amount of plastic bin liners we throw away every week that end up sitting in landfills for decades on end. Well, you can help change that number by using eco-friendly bin bags, products that are plastic-free, recyclable and 100% biodegradable. Compost Bag UK’s Bin Liners are one such eco-friendly alternative. These bin bags are entirely made from plants using wind-powered electricity, while still boasting a super strong design.

To ensure you are buying the right type of bin bags for the environment, always check the label or product description for manufacturing details.

Need a vacuum cleaner to match your new green cleaning routine? Gtech’s bagless vacuums offer a sustainable solution by removing the need for plastic bags entirely – just tip the easy-empty vacuum bin straight into the kitchen bin! Head over to our website to explore our full range of cordless vacuums.

How to Stop Dust Allergies by Cleaning - 7 Top Tips

How to stop dust allergies by cleaning

If you suffer from dust allergies, you’re not alone – as far back as 2011, 58% of Europeans stated ‘dust mites’ as one of their top allergy triggers, and the numbers have kept rising since then.

So, how can you stop or at least reduce dust allergies? The answer, unsurprisingly, lies in cleaning. Do you know the dustiest spots in your home? We bet you’re thinking about those pesky spots under the bed and bundled around bedroom lamps – but you’d be wrong! Yes, dust gathers in the awkward cracks and crevices of your home, but also in plain sight, right under our noses. If left long enough, these dust particles circulate in the air, aggravating allergies and clogging sinuses – which will only get worse with the arrival of allergy season.

Cleaning dust in your home


But where are these dust magnets in your home? And are you cleaning them effectively? We’ve pulled together some of the seldom-seen dusty places as found in the average kitchen, living room and bedroom to help you reduce dust allergies in the home. Continue reading, below, to get ahead of the cleaning curve.

Where are the dustiest areas in your living room?

1. Upholstery

Between you, your family and your pets, your sofa very quickly becomes a petri dish of dust, dirt and dander. And with hundreds, if not thousands, of dust mites living in a single gram of dust (eek!) – you’ll want to ensure your favourite furniture is clear of creepy crawlies.

Regularly machine-wash throw blankets and cushion cases, and vacuum upholstery once a week, (not forgetting under and behind the sofa) to rid yourself of these little beasties.

2. Rugs

Do you have children crawling around the living room? It’s vital that you keep your floor clear of dust. The underside of rugs often hide harmful dirt and dander, which aren’t cleaned up on your normal vacuum routine. Lift your rugs out the way and vacuum these elusive dust bunnies once a week to baby-proof your carpet.

3. Shelves

You need to be similarly vigilant with your altitudinous shelves and bookcases. Dust loves to gather in the high, unseen reaches of your home and opening your favourite novel after a few months untouched can release dust particles into your respiratory system. Tackle these hard-to-reach spots with a stepladder and a damp cloth, or story time could end up exacerbating those allergies you try so hard to avoid elsewhere.

Where are the dustiest areas in your kitchen?

4. Behind the fridge

Did you know there are dust mites lurking behind your fridge? That’s the case if you leave this crucial cleaning task out of your routine. It’s a bit of a faff, granted, but pulling out your fridge at least once a month will keep these microscopic bugs at bay. And if there are dust mites lurking where you store food, they’re more likely to find their way to other less “hidden” areas of your kitchen, such as window blinds and kitchen cabinets.

5. Blinds and kitchen cabinets

Dust on kitchen cabinets and blinds are little-known issues in autumn and winter – but soon become major problems come spring. You know, when you finally get to fling your windows open for some fresh air. Even a pleasant breeze can carry those pesky dust mites further into your home, making your ‘spring clean’ more of a health hazard than when you started! Thankfully, they’re super easy to wipe away – just make sure they are spick and span before opening any windows.

Where are the dustiest areas in your bedroom?

6. Clothes

Your unworn outfits are free from dust as long as you keep them closed in a wardrobe, right? Wrong. Clothes attract huge quantities of dust bunnies that lie in wait to aggravate your allergies when you get dressed. But don’t worry, simply use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to clean your rarely-worn clothes and keep your sinuses clear.

7. Bedding and curtains

The wardrobe isn’t the only overlooked area in your bedroom. Even with weekly washes, allergy-inducing dust, dirt and debris live unseen in your bedding and on your curtains, which are then breathed into your respiratory system while you sleep.

The solution? Wash your bedding regularly (a shocking one third of Brits only change their sheets once a year!). For peace of mind, you can also give your pillows, sheets and drapes a quick once over with your vacuum’s upholstery attachment in your weekly cleaning routine.

Now you know the hidden dust hotspots in your home, you need the right tools for the job. At Gtech, we offer the best in cordless vacuums, helping you to clean your house with ease. Head over to our website to browse our full range of cordless vacuums.

Which Dogs Shed the Most (And How to Clean Up After Them!)

Which dogs shed the most

With commutes cancelled and social lives shuttered last year, many Brits looked to adopt a furry four-legged companion during lockdown. But how prepared were the nation for their new family member? According to the kennel club, very few were. A shocking one in five new dog owners admitted they hadn’t considered the extra responsibilities of taking on a canine companion – including the mundane job of cleaning up their dastardly hair!

With a further one in four doing less than two hours research prior to purchasing their pet, there is now a swathe of new dog owners who are unclear on the domestic duties they need to dedicate to their new breeds. That’s where we come in.

To help you get to grips with your new pup we reviewed the most popular dog breeds in the UK to see where they sit on the hair-ometer - all you need to do is compare your dog against the scale and you’ll learn some helpful cleaning tips at the same time!

So, is your dog a super shedder or a moult-free marvel? Take a look, below, for the fine - and furry - details.

The UK's hairiest dogs and how to clean them


Not sure which pet vacuum is right for your new dog? We recommend the Gtech AirRam K9. Designed with even the hairiest canines in mind, this robust, aluminium-strengthened cordless vac is the dream device for any new pet owner. Just zip around the house and clear up unruly pet hair in no time. It’s easy when you know how!

Top vacuuming tips for every home

Top vacuuming tips for every home

Whether you live in a small flat or have a larger home, there are ways to make looking after it easier. From maintaining your vacuum cleaner with minimal effort to planning a housework schedule, we’ve got some great cleaning hacks…

Tidy home, tidy mind

Get everything up and off the floor to start with! However manoeuvrable your vacuum cleaner is, it can be tricky to clean around shoes and clothes that are strewn across the floor. If you’re in a rush, chuck everything from the floor or other surfaces into a laundry basket while you vacuum. Once you’ve finished, you can take things out of the basket and put them back – in the right place!

Utilise accessories

If you’re cleaning your whole home, it’s important to work from the top down. There’s no point vacuuming your floors if you’re then going to wipe a load of dust and debris from higher up surfaces back onto the floor. Start off by getting rid of any high up cobwebs with a feather duster – our cordless upright AirRam has an optional duster attachment that handily clips to your vacuum so it’s always ready to go.

You can quickly dust the corners of rooms, along picture frames and across any surfaces above floor level. Then, use your vacuum to pick up all the dust, along with added hair and debris from carpets and hard floors.

Step up a level

Vacuuming the stairs is often one of the most daunting parts of cleaning your home, whether it’s lugging a heavy, traditional vacuum around, worrying about trailing cables or changing plug sockets. Our cordless AirRam is lightweight at just 3.2kg and has been designed with ease of use in mind. You can use it in its upright mode to clean your stairs, or use the tools from your AirRam Accessory Kit . The speed clean handle converts the AirRam into a 2.6kg cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, making it ideal for stairs and upholstery.

Stick to a schedule

It’s easier to stick to anything if you know when you’re doing what! Make yourself a cleaning schedule and you’re more likely to commit to it than just saying you’ll clean ‘at some point soon’! You can even set yourself a different part of your home to clean each time – Mondays can be for your living room, Wednesdays for the bathroom and so on. This way, each room will be kept manageably clean and your home in general will be at a pretty consistent level. Little and often is the way to go…

Clean the filter

We all know how quickly time can go by and, before you know it, 6 weeks has passed since you last cleaned the filter in your vacuum. Why not set a specific day or date in the month to look after the filter? Remove it from your vacuum and tap it against your bin to remove any excess dirt.

Pop it in some hot, soapy water and give it a good clean. You can clean your cylinder bin at the same time – just make sure everything has completely dried before you put anything back in your vacuum. This normally takes around 24 hours.

Maintain the brush bar

If you suddenly notice your vacuum doesn't seem to be picking up like it used to, it might be because the brush bar has become jammed with hair and string. Simply switch off your vacuum and remove the battery. Turn it upside down and cut through the blockages with a pair of scissors or box cutter. You'll be back up and running in seconds…

Empty the bin/ Change the bag

Whether you’ve got a bagged or bagless vacuum, you need to make sure you’re helping it run at its optimum performance level. That means throwing the bag away when it’s full and replacing it with a new one, or emptying the bin when it’s reached its capacity. If you don’t do this, your vacuum’s pick up performance may decline.

These are just a few ways to make your cleaning routine easier and we’re sure you’ll find your own cleaning hacks along the way! Just make sure you look after your vacuum cleaner and it’ll do the hard work for you…

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