Lawn care tips & advice

Lawn Care Tips & Advice UK – How to Look after Your Lawn

Knowing how to look after your lawn and keep it looking its best at all times means taking the right measures of lawn care throughout the year. The more you care for your lawn, and the more regularly you do so, the better looking and healthier it will be. For the evergreen gardener, our seasonal lawn care advice and lawn care tips will let you know how to look after grass and give it that wow factor, keeping those nosy neighbours jealous should they dare peek over your fence.

Spring Lawn Care Tips & Maintenance

As the predictably unpredictable British weather begins to settle into milder temperatures, spring is a crucial time to begin nurturing your lawn following those cold wintry months. Firstly, assess your lawn and look to remedy any problem areas that may have cropped up, such as diseased patches and areas affected by pests. Weed control is a must.

Early spring is the perfect time to rake out moss and apply moss killer where needed. Feeding your grass with fertiliser will also give your lawn those much needed nutrients, and will start to bring back a healthy greenness. As the moss and weeds begin to disappear, over seeding less dense patches of your lawn will bring a balance to the overall look of your lawn. Use the guidance provided by the lawn feed manufacturer for optimal application of lawn feed per square metre.

Another tip for spring lawn care is aerating your lawn. Aerating is the process of getting pockets of air into condensed soil by various means, such as ‘spiking.’ This is so moisture can easily get back into those hardened areas under the grass roots. The process to aerate your lawn may be cumbersome, but the rewards are worth it.

Spring is the season for giving your lawn its first cut. For the first cut of spring use the highest height setting on your lawnmower, and gradually reduce this to your desired height over the coming weeks. If you cut too much grass initially, you run the risk of damaging your grass, since it’s not ready for such an extreme cut, and runs the risk of discolouration.

Summer Lawn Care Tips & Maintenance

As the temperature rises, keep your cordless lawnmowers at the ready. Regular mowing may seem a given but can be easily overlooked. Wondering how to keep grass green in the hotter months? Make sure to water the grass more frequently during longer periods of dry weather to maintain moisture levels and a beautiful green colour. Hopefully you should find yourself getting into a pattern of mowing and watering without having to think about it too much.

With grass growing at a faster rate during summer, you will need to keep on top of border control with appropriate garden cutters and cordless grass trimmers. At the height of summer, you’ll want to mow your lawn at least every two weeks, maybe even once a week if the rate of growth spikes. July and August are when it’s good to re-evaluate where further lawn treatment may be required with a top up of lawn food and weed control. Above all when the sun is shining, find time to stand back and appreciate your efforts.

Autumn Lawn Care Tips & Maintenance

Caring for your lawn throughout the autumn period is how you stay a cut above the rest. Now that the barbecues are coming to an end and children have made the most of outdoor summer activities it’s time to assess any new damage.

As many gardeners begin to take a complacent step back from gardening duties, this is a good time to over seed once more to maintain grass density in readiness for the colder months. If you have a rotary mower, you can use it on a dry lawn to pick up any fallen leaves from the grass. Flatten out any uneven patches caused by wear and tear and try to get that last cut in before it’s too late!

Winter Lawn Care Tips & Maintenance

As growth slows down, the winter season is all about allowing your lawn to take a much needed rest. With little need to mow the lawn, emphasis is more on clearing leaves and debris on a regular basis. Aerate if required to allow water to seep into the soil to the grass roots where it is most effective. Use this time to examine any changes that occur so you can save time in planning target areas in need of lawn repair for the upcoming spring season, where you get to do it all over again.

These all year-round lawn treatment tips will hopefully ensure that the grass is never greener on the other side! For all your gardening needs, Gtech has a range of cordless garden tools to help you keep help with caring for your lawn. Find out how they can help.