Post-Holiday Tidy-Up

Don’t Let the Summer Go to Waste with A Post-Holiday Tidy-Up

Before going off on holiday, we all go to great lengths to ensure our homes are spic and span – mainly so we don’t arrive back to mountains of housework in a jetlagged state. Ensuring the garden’s in a tidy state, however, is a task that features much lower down the list of pre-holiday tasks.

On returning this means that many of us are confronted by lengthy lawns, dense hedges, hanging branches and grimy patios. It’s certainly not the kind of environment in which you can mark the end of the barbeque season with family and friends!

Although on first glance it might look like a massive job, the cordless lawnmowers in our range can help you make light work of taming your garden.

It’s always good to have a clear plan in place before starting such a wide scale clean-up. So, start with the largest section first - it’ll usually be mowing the lawn or clearing away the moss and weeds from the patio.

Lawn edging

Whilst your lawn mower is capable of dealing with the majority of your garden’s lawn, there’s always an abundance of awkward corners that get missed – and they can end up becoming a scruffy eyesore in no time. With a Gtech cordless Grass Trimmer you can tidy these sections up.

With a twist of the cutting head, the Gtech Cordless Grass Trimmer transforms into a precision lawn edger, giving your garden a neat finish.

Branch cutting and hedge trimming

With these tasks completed your garden will start to become more recognisable.

Those high hanging tree branches can be cut back with our Hedge Trimmer. Our long reach trimmer helps you reach up to 10ft tall, and the adjustable head allows you to cut along the tops of the hedges.


For thicker branches, attach our Branch Cutter to cut through unruly branches up to 60mm thick.

With a thorough post-holiday tidy-up you can ensure your garden looks great, and that those precious final weeks of summer sunshine don’t go to waste.