Which dogs shed the most

Which Dogs Shed the Most (And How to Clean Up After Them!)

With commutes cancelled and social lives shuttered last year, many Brits looked to adopt a furry four-legged companion during lockdown. But how prepared were the nation for their new family member? According to the kennel club, very few were. A shocking one in five new dog owners admitted they hadn’t considered the extra responsibilities of taking on a canine companion – including the mundane job of cleaning up their dastardly hair!

With a further one in four doing less than two hours research prior to purchasing their pet, there is now a swathe of new dog owners who are unclear on the domestic duties they need to dedicate to their new breeds. That’s where we come in.

To help you get to grips with your new pup we reviewed the most popular dog breeds in the UK to see where they sit on the hair-ometer - all you need to do is compare your dog against the scale and you’ll learn some helpful cleaning tips at the same time!

So, is your dog a super shedder or a moult-free marvel? Take a look, below, for the fine - and furry - details.

The UK's hairiest dogs and how to clean them


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