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Answering Google: Can I clean it?

How many times have you been in the middle of a tidying groove, only to be forced to stop when you come across a particularly confusing cleaning conundrum? We’re talking about those problems that don’t have an immediately obvious solution, such as are soda crystals suitable for use in a dishwasher and is it safe to bleach the oven clean? Well, we’re here to put all those tricky queries to bed. With the help of Google, we searched for some of the most common cleaning questions that puzzled the internet and used our expertise to help find a solution to each one.

Continue reading, below, to find the answers to the biggest mysteries of spring cleaning, all in one convenient place.

Can you wash your car with washing up liquid?

No, do not use washing up liquid, or any type of household soap, when washing your car. These soaps are too abrasive for the paint and accelerate the oxidation process to make your car look dull. Instead, opt for a specially designed car soap that will leave your motor bright and shiny. You should also consider investing in a handheld vacuum to clean the interior upholstery with ease.

Can I clean my carpet with bicarbonate of soda?

Yes, you can use bicarb soda on carpet to clean it. Bicarbonate of soda is a great way to tackle tough stains and unpleasant odours in your carpet. Just sprinkle the baking soda onto the offending area, leave overnight and then vacuum up (we recommend our Gtech Pro 2 for the job) the remaining residue in the morning. Nice and easy!

Can you use soda crystals in dishwasher?

No, you cannot use soda crystals to clean a dishwasher. While great for washing machines, soda crystals are not suitable for cleaning dishwashers and could lead to long term problems with your appliance. Dishwasher salts are your best bet for keeping your dishwasher clean and healthy.

Can I clean my fridge with vinegar?

Yes, you can clean a fridge with vinegar, and you can also deodorize a fridge with vinegar. White vinegar is a safe and natural means of cleaning your fridge, breaking down grease and grime with ease. Just mix three parts water and one part cleaning vinegar to concoct this efficient cleaning solution.

Can I clean my glasses with hand sanitiser?

No, you should not use hand sanitiser to clean your glasses. Many hand sanitisers are alcohol-based and can damage the special coating on your lenses, so it is not suitable for cleaning glasses. Thankfully, simple soapy water is more than enough to wipe away any accumulated dust and dirt.

Can I clean my kettle with bicarbonate of soda?

Yes, you can clean your kettle with bicarb soda. Bicarbonate of soda is essential to de-limescale kettles, removing the pesky build-up that develops inside the pot every few months. Simply add a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda to a full kettle of water and then bring it boil. Rinse and repeat once more with fresh water to completely remove any soapy residue.

Can you use a carpet cleaner on a mattress?

Yes, you can clean a mattress with a carpet cleaner. The steam cleaning function of a carpet cleaner is effective all around the house. On mattresses, for instance, a carpet cleaner easily removes mould, dust mites and dead human skin cells – just ensure you dry the mattress afterwards to limit the regrowth of mould.

Alternatively, if you haven’t the time or money to rent a carpet cleaner, then a good quality vacuum cleaner will also do the trick.

Can I clean an oven with bleach?

Technically, you can clean an oven with bleach – but we wouldn’t recommend doing so. Bleach can contaminate food preparation if not wiped away properly, so you are better off opting for baking soda or a specialised oven cleaner.

Can I clean my quartz countertop with bleach?

No, you should not use bleach on quartz worktops, as it can cause permanent discolouration to the material. In fact, quartz is a non-porous material, meaning it is natural resistant to staining – soapy water is all you need to clean up grease and grime.

Can you steam clean a sofa?

Yes, you can steam clean most leather and fabric sofas. For sofas with SW labels (Solvent and Water Safe), steam cleaners are a quick and easy way to disinfect your furniture and get rid of any lurking dust mites or bacteria. Just give your sofa a once over with the steam cleaner, leave to air dry and then vacuum the fabric to clear up any leftover residue and moisture.

Can I use glass cleaner on my TV?

No, cleaning flat screen TVs with glass cleaner is a big cleaning no-no: the harsh and abrasive chemicals can actually damage the screen panels. Instead, just use a dry microfibre cloth to clean fingerprints off the TV, as well as any dust and grime – just to be safe.

Can I clean my vacuum with water?

Yes, if your vacuum has a removable washable filter (typically found in bagless vacuums), then you can rinse it under warm water to remove stubborn dust and debris. Just ensure you wring out any moisture from the filter before installing it back in your vacuum – the excess water could damage the motor of your device.

Those who use bagged vacuums, however, can simply replace the bag to keep the device in top working order.

Can I clean my washing machine with dishwasher tablets?

No, while this method went viral last year, dishwasher tablets are not supposed to be used in washing machines. Not only do they not clean as effectively as other cleaning agents but dishwasher tablets can cause an excess of foam to build up in the drum, which causes long term performance issues. Instead, use soda crystals for an easy, hands-off approach for getting your washing machine squeaky clean.

Now you know the do’s and don’ts of household cleaning, you can tackle your tidying chores with ease. If you want to take that simplicity a step further, however, then check out our range of cordless vacuum cleaners to effortlessly clear up dust, debris, and everything in-between.