How To Remove Pet Odour From Carpet?

How To Remove Pet Odour From Carpet?

The luxurious, comfortable texture of your carpets can be badly affected by pet odours, and can lead to nasty smells circulating around your house. Let’s face it. There’s no way your family pet is being left out in the cold, but it can be off-putting when your well-loved pet is causing an offensive smell. From dirty wet paws from rolling in puddles, and smells caused by glands or oil on fur, pet odour can linger and cling to the fibres of your carpets. Here’s how to remove pet odour from carpets with a few simple tips and tricks.

How to remove dog & cat urine smell out of carpet

From air fresheners to steam cleaning, there are many different ways you can get rid of pet odour. Check out our top tips below for eliminating pet odour from your carpet and keeping your family and your pet happy.

We all know how unpleasant it is to have pet smells lingering on your rugs and carpets, so we’ve provided some of the best tips for removing pet odours from carpets, from cat urine smells to wet dog pongs – these tips work for all kinds of stench!

Vacuum regularly

Want a quick and easy way to remove pet odours from your carpet? Vacuum. Regular vacuum cleaning is a fantastic way to keep on top of all sorts of dirt and unwelcome bits in your carpets that can cause nasty smells. Make sure to invest in a powerful pet vacuum; designed with pet owners in mind. If the vacuum cleaner you invest in has been made to handle pet hair it makes the whole process much easier, and will help you more easily eradicate smells that linger when your four-legged friend’s fur gets stuck in carpet fibres.

Wondering how to remove pet odours from your carpet with your vacuum cleaner? Ideally, pet owners should be vacuuming their homes every day, but if you haven’t got the time, try to do it three times a week if possible.

Freshen your carpets

Noticing unpleasant smells around the house? This is a common problem for most pet owners, especially dog owners. Dog smell can be caused by a variety of triggers: glands behind their ears can cause a yeast like smell, and naturally produced oils on their fur, which helps keep hair and skin healthy, are common causes of odour you don’t want hanging around the house.

But what gets rid of dog smells from your carpets? When vacuuming alone doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to give the carpets a good old clean. Use baking soda to get rid of pet smells, by gently brushing it into your carpets, and leave it for at least half an hour. Once it’s soaked in, vacuum the carpet, and repeat if necessary until the odours have gone. This will ensure that any old dog urine smell in your carpet is much reduced or even gone completely.

Top tip: combine your baking soda with just a hint of baby powder to give your carpets a truly fresh smelling finish.

Switching to a natural diet

Wiping down muddy paws before you let your four-legged friends in the house will only get you so far – the smell may still linger! Research from Tasteforlife concludes that switching up your pet’s diet can help banish bad odours:

“I’ve been feeding my dogs a raw diet for many years now. Since I made the switch, they always smell good and need to be bathed less often. They are also less prone to ear infections, which cause bad odours in many dogs. This diet helps keep their teeth tartar-free, which means healthy gums and good breath. I believe many dogs smell bad because their bodies are constantly detoxifying the poor quality, unnatural ingredients in many processed dog foods.” – Nancy Strouss, People Training For Dogs, New York.

If you struggle to prepare a raw food diet for your pet, you could always swap their current food for an upgraded quality of meat-based food, with low-grain content that is soy-free.


Searching for a shampoo guaranteed to leave your pet smelling fresh as a daisy? If they’re in need of a deeper clean, deodorizing shampoos are great for keeping pets clean and smelling great. Earthbath’s natural shampoo is recommended by vets to combat not only bad odours, but also skin irritation. BarkLogic shampoo is vegan, cruelty-free and made from natural and plant-sourced ingredients. Their sulphate-free formula is known for soothing skin and relieving stress.

Make sure you also brush your pet regularly – it’s amazing how much of an effect a well-groomed pet can have on your carpets.

Air freshener

What gets rid of urine smells and other pet odours in the short term? Choosing a great smelling air freshener is a cost-effective way to get rid of pet smell in your home. Put air fresheners in the worst effected rooms. Whether you want a blast of citrus or wafts of peppermint, the choice of air freshener is entirely up to you. Whenever there’s a nasty smell in the house, fix it with a fresh, new smell. Be warned though – an air freshener is only a temporary fix to get rid of pet smell, and isn’t a substitute for regular cleaning and vacuuming.

Gtech's pet vacuum cleaners all use scented cartridges to keep your home smelling fresh and odour free.

Steam clean

Want to get rid of pet smell and increase the lifespan of your carpet? Have you considered steam cleaning? This may seem radical, but it will transform your carpets and make it feel as though they’re brand new. This isn’t something you’ll want to do regularly, perhaps once a year. You may also want to avoid using a steam cleaner if you have puppy pee or want to remove cat urine smell, as steam cleaners can set the stain for good.

If your pets are particularly messy, you might want to do it a bit more often. Seeing the difference in a carpet before and after steam cleaning will amaze you, and will make you want it that clean all the time – just make sure you keep any unwashed pets away!

Top tip: Make sure that any pet urine has been long taken care of before you use a steam cleaner on your carpets. The heat from the steamer can permanently set the stains into the carpet, something you’ll want to avoid.

Whatever techniques you choose, you’ll have your carpets smelling fresh again in no time. To save yourself from many pet related issues at home, be sure to have a suitably powerful vacuum: they make for the best pet vacuum cleaners, powerful enough for any odours they leave behind.