How to get Cat & Dog Hair off Carpet, Clothing & Sofas

We all love our pets, and most of us would consider our cats and dogs to be firmly part of the family. But when our four-legged friends are leaving their pet hair everywhere, it can cause your home to look and feel unclean. Read below for some useful advise on how to get rid of dog or cat hair in your house.

How to remove cat & dog hair from sofas

Fed up of your furry friend leaving strands of fur on your furniture? We feel your pain. Lots of pet owners love to share the sofa with their cat or dog, but don't appreciate the hair they leave behind. One of the best ways to remove pet hair in the house is by applying a damp cloth to your furniture to attract the hair. When your cloth is covered in hair, simply rinse it off and repeat the process until all unwanted hair has gone!

Another great way to remove pet hair at home is by using a mixture of water and fabric softener with your cloth, which will help keep your furniture in great condition, without the risk of water damage.

How to remove cat & dog hair from carpets

One of the best ways to remove pet hair from the carpet is to gently scrape the surface with a pumice stone. By scraping gently, you will be able to collect enough hair without damaging your carpets.

If you don't have a pumice stone to hand, an equally effective way to remove dog, cat or other pet hair from carpets is by vacuuming. Pet hair can be stubborn, so make sure you have a pet vacuum cleaner - it's the best vacuum for pet hair and can easily pick up any pet hair lying around. We recommend you go over the area of pet hair multiple times and at different angles to get every last strand of hair.


How to get cat & dog hair off clothing

How many times have you held your beloved pets only to come away covered in hair? Lost count? Save yourself hours of brushing yourself down by getting yourself a good quality lint roller to keep your clothes free from hair. Lint rollers are super handy - the hair sticks to the tape and you can simply tear off the strip and throw it away when you're done.

Top Tip! To get dog hair off clothing, keep a lint roller by the door, so every time you go out, you can use the lint roller on your clothes - it's especially handy when you're leaving for work.

If you've got too much hair on your clothes, put them in the tumble dryer with some wet microfibre cloths - the idea here is that the hair will stick to the cloths. Once the cycle finishes, simply use a lint roller for any remaining hair.

How to prevent excess pet hair

It's great if you can stop as much pet hair getting around your home as possible. Brushing your pets thoroughly a couple of times every week is a good way to reduce the amount of hair that moults. Ask your vet for the best type of brush to use for different animals and breeds.

Keeping your home free from pet hair is a challenge, but not impossible! Thanks to the tips above, you should know how to get rid of pet hair at home: from your fabric furniture to your clothes.

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