Best cordless pet hair vacuums

What is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair

But with so many different pet vacuums offering varying benefits and features, it can be tricky knowing which is the best pet hair vacuum for you. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on our range of pet vacuum cleaners. Continue reading, below, to explore the best vacuums for pet hair and carpets.

What should I look for to get the best pet hair vacuum?

From battery life to helpful vacuum attachments, when it comes to picking the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair, there are a series of checks to consider first. So, to make sure you get the right pet hair vacuum first time, let’s explore what you should be looking out for, below.

1. Convenience and mobility

Pet hair can find its way into the oddest of places. Tops of cupboards or right down between the sides of your sofa cushions - no place is out of bounds for the fine fluff of your furry friends. And that’s why we think cordless vacuums for pet hair are an absolute must, allowing you to take advantage of their convenience and mobility. This makes it much easier to get into those tight corners and high spaces when using a cordless pet vacuum cleaner.

In fact, all of our pet hair vacuums are cordless, that’s how much we believe in them! With no cords to hold you back, you have the freedom to move between rooms and floors, or even outside to clean your garages, cars, and caravans. With a cordless vacuum for pet hair, no space is off limits when it comes to being rid of those pesky pet hairs.

2. Efficient performance

Contrary to popular belief, cordless vacuums for pet hair do not compromise on cleaning efficiency - especially Gtech's cordless pet hair vacuums. Our cordless vacuums for pet hair are powered by lithium-ion batteries, providing you with both the freedom to move and an efficient clean. This ensures even the most stubborn pet hair is effectively removed from your carpets, floors, and furniture. What’s more, our detachable powered brush bars ensure all dirt, debris, and embedded pet hair is caught and vacuumed up. Just pop this brush bar out to remove the longer hairs caught up in the bristles, ensuring the deepest, most-thorough clean.

3. Handy attachments

From extension tubes for added reach to power heads for stairs, cordless vacuums for pet hair come with various handy attachments and accessories that enhance their versatility. For example, take our crevice tool for pet vacuums. This long and thin attachment allows you to easily reach down between sofa cushions, in between steps on the stairs, and along the skirting boards. Or, if you frequently go on road trips with your four legged friends, look no further than our car cleaning bundle. Complete with dusting brush and upholstery tool, these attachments for your cordless vacuum for pet hair makes light work of cleaning your car!

4. Battery Life

As you well know, pets can leave a lot of hair all over the home – and the very last thing you want is your pet vacuum to run out of battery before you’ve finished cleaning up. So, when it comes to finding the best pet hair vacuum, you’ll need one that let’s you accomplish all your cleaning in one single charge. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that our cordless vacuums for pet hair offer an impressive 40-minute run-time, allowing you to get through the entire house. And then, when you need to pop your pet vacuum back on charge, you’ll only need to wait four hours until it’s ready to go another round. Speedy!

5. Durability

Pet hair can put additional strain on a vacuum cleaner, so it's important to choose a model with durable components that can withstand the demands of pet hair removal. To make sure they are up to the task, we strengthen all of our cordless vacuums for pet hair with aluminium parts. This sturdy material is capable of handling both the suction power and heat generated from pet vacuums, but also those all-important, pesky pet hairs.

What pet hair vacuums are available at Gtech?

Here at Gtech, we have a wide array of cordless vacuums on offer, but there are a couple we consider to be the best cordless vacuums for pet hair specifically. To be sure you’re getting the right pet vacuum for you, let’s take a quick look at the best cordless pet vacuums available with us.

AirRAM MK2 K9 Cordless Vacuum

Our AirRAM MK2 K9 Vacuum is an upright cordless vacuum designed with pet owners in mind. Air Loc technology coupled with our powered brush head effortlessly tackles dirt, debris, and embedded pet hair throughout the home. What’s more, the lightweight, cordless design makes it easy to manoeuvre around both indoor and outdoor spaces like cars, sheds, or kennels. Our nifty scented cartridges go one step further to give a fresh scent to your home too. While we love our pets, they can bring in not too pleasant outdoor odours. Simply slot in our scented cartridges to your pet vacuum to keep your home smelling odour free and fresh.

Multi MK2 K9 Cordless Handheld Pet Hair Vacuum

For those looking to add a bit more flexibility for easy cleaning, the Handheld Multi MK2 K9 vacuum is the perfect partner to our AirRAM K9. Despite its compact size, this handheld cordless vacuum for pet hair delivers a powerful performance to rid your home of dander and fur. And with the range of attachments included, this small but mighty motor has the ability to deep clean all areas of your home. Take the extension tube, for example. This feature adds reach, allowing you to clean high areas. Additionally, the power head attachment makes short work of stairs, while the crevice tool is perfect for cleaning skirting boards and in between sofa cushions. Looking to clean your car interior? Well, the dusting brush attachment on this handheld pet vacuum is ideal!

Do you need more reasons to buy a cordless pet hair vacuum? Or perhaps you’d like to know more about the difference between an upright and stick vacuum before you settle on one pet vacuum. Whatever cleaning queries you have, head over to our blog for tips and advice.