Gtech vs Dyson: Why buy a Gtech cordless vacuum

Choosing the right cordless vacuum cleaner is a big decision and can be a daunting task, especially with the overwhelming number of options available in the market. Gtech and Dyson are two prominent brands that have revolutionized the cordless vacuum industry. In this comprehensive deep dive, we will delve into the features, performance, and value offered by Gtech's cordless vacuums, to help you make an informed decision on which vacuum cleaner to buy.

Experts in cordless technology and so much more

Gtech was founded by inventor Nick Grey in 2001, and is now well established as an industry leader in cordless innovation. Nick's first invention, the world's first cordless carpet sweeper, laid the foundation for Gtech's success. Since then, Gtech has expanded its product range to include cordless power tools, garden tools, and even a massage bed. With a dedicated in-house engineering team, we continue to push the boundaries of cordless technology and are constantly working on new innovations.

British vacuum cleaner brand

Were proud to be a British brand, with our headquarters located in the picturesque Worcestershire countryside. All Gtech products are designed and developed in the UK, keeping British homes and conditions in mind. This ensures that Gtech cordless vacuum cleaners are specifically tailored to tackle the cleaning challenges faced by households in the UK.

What makes Gtech products stand out

Our commitment to innovation and engineering excellence sets us apart from the competition. Read on to see why.

- Weight distribution: Our flagship product, the Gtech AirRAM, features a unique design that keeps the weight on the floor, making it lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. This innovative design allows for effortless cleaning without straining your wrists or arms.

- Direct Dirt-to-Bin technology: By eliminating the need for tubes, our vacuums ensure that power is used where it's needed most. The direct dirt-to-bin technology prevents blockages and ensures uninterrupted suction power.

- Air Loc technology: All Gtech cordless vacuum cleaners are equipped with Air Loc technology, which collects large debris on the forward stroke and forms a seal on the backstroke. This feature ensures efficient cleaning and prevents debris from scattering.

- Extra features: Our newest technology, the AirRAM Platinum boasts additional features such as Anti Hair Wrap, which uses a built-in comb to keep the brush bar clean and free of tangled hair, and Forward Inertia, which allows the vacuum to pull itself forward, making cleaning effortless.

- Premier quality: Gtech's commitment to excellence is not limited to its products but extends to we run our business, ensuring we deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers.

Which Gtech cordless vacuum should you buy?

Now that you've decided to purchase a Gtech vacuum, you might be wondering which model is the best fit for your needs. Let's explore Gtech's range of cordless vacuums and help you find the perfect one.

Bagged or bagless?

Gtech offers both bagged and bagless vacuums. The benefit of a bagged vacuum is they use a dust bin to collect dirt and debris, eliminating the need for purchasing and replacing bags, making Gtech vacuums more convenient and cost-effective. However if you're looking a for a low mainentence option, then a bagged vacuum is for you, as there are no filters or bins to worry about, simply remove and replace when full.

Upright or Stick?

Gtech offers stick vacuums, which are lightweight and designed for easy manoeuvrability. Stick vacuums are ideal for quick clean-ups and reaching tight spaces. If you're looking for a versatile vacuum that can clean both floors and above-floor areas, Gtech stick vacuums are the way to go. Alternatively you could go for our upright vacuums which cannot clean above-the-floor, but are well built to handle your daily cleaning task. And for handheld cleaning just team up with our matching handheld vacuum.

Best vacuum for hard floors

If you mainly have hard floors in your home, the Gtech AirRAM is the perfect choice. Its strong suction power effectively removes dust and dirt hidden between floorboards, ensuring thorough cleaning. The AirRAM's low-profile design also allows for easy cleaning under furniture and in hard-to-reach corners.

Design and weight

In terms of weight, we offer some of the lightest vacuum cleaners on the market. Just look at our HyLite 2 bagged vacuum, which is only 1.6kg.

Dust emptying

Gtech vacuums feature "hands-free" emptying systems. Both Gtech AirRAM and Multi vacuums use a slider that forces dust and dirt out of the dust bin.

Pet hair removal

If you have pets at home, then Gtechs range of K9 pet hair vacuums are a great option. Designed with pet owners in mind, Gtechs unique AirLOC technology picks up large debris on the forward stroke and embedded dust and pet hair on the backward stroke. All K9 pet cordless vacuums are fitted with replaceable scented cartridges so you can keep your home smelling fresh and odour free.

Battery life

Gtechs standard and K9 AirRAM models have a runtime of 40 minutes, however the new AirRAM Platinum has a runtime of 60 minutes. Couple that with the Multi Platinum with a runtime of 30 minutes and thats 90 minutes of whole home cleaning!.


Gtech's AirRAM upright vacuums feature a unique filtration design that prevents dust from escaping, ensuring cleaner air in your home.

When it comes to price, Gtech vacuums offer a more affordable option compared to other brands. The Gtech AirRAM Mk2 is available at only £229.99, making it an attractive choice for the budget-conscious shoppers that don't want to compromise on performance.

Conclusion...if you're looking for an affordable option that excels at hard floor cleaning and offers lightweight manoeuvrability, then a Gtech cordless vacuum cleaner is a solid, budget friendly, feature packed solution.