5 Great AirRam Cordless Vacuum Reviews

5 Great Reviews of Our AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

We’re delighted that thousands of people across the UK have broken free from the cord thanks to the Gtech AirRam lightweight vacuum cleaner. It’s even better to know that customers often try several cordless vacuums and still feel that the AirRam is the right cleaner for them. Take a look at our recent Trustpilot blog post to view a selection of the most recent customer reviews we have received. To date we have in excess of 22,000 customer reviews.

The Gtech AirRam is a cordless vacuum cleaner that is specially designed for floor cleaning, with high performance on both carpets and hard-floors. The highly efficient lightweight design means you can enjoy the cleaning performance of mains powered upright vacuums* without the cord. It changes the way you clean your home forever.

Most importantly, people love it. A common theme runs through all the reviews we see: users adore the freedom, convenience and performance of both our Graphite AirRam and our AirRam K9 cordless vacuums.

The AirRam Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner Continues to Delight

1. Mum-on-the-brink

Monika from the Mum-on-the-brink website has been very impressed with her AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner. She finds it handy “…being lightweight, and the way it collects up larger crumbs rather than flicking them to the corners of the room (like my previous vacuum cleaner seemed to do!).”

People prefer a cordless vacuum cleaner that does not compromise on cleaning performance. AirRam’s lightweight and easy to use design makes cleaning your home quicker and will make you fall in love with vacuuming, as surprising as that may sound!

2. The Independant

From The Independent – 10 Best Cordless Vacuums, writer Andrew Griffin thinks that “The sheer amount of stuff that this vacuum can pick up is astounding. It doesn’t have a bag, but it compresses the dirt it collects into small bundles to save space.”

3. BT.com

For more elderly users, the lightweight and maneuverable features of AirRam come to the fore. According to a BT article titled, Six of the best: Gadgets for seniors, writer Polly Weeks thinks “If you're sick of having to lug a heavy vacuum cleaner around, this device will make light work of the chore.

Founder Nick Grey developed this gadget out of concern for his grandmother, who was struggling with vacuuming. The result is this upright cleaner weighing just 3.5kg.”

4. Electric Enhancements

AirRam’s lightweight design can help in easing the strain of daily chores and has particular appeal to people who struggle with heavy traditional vacuums, including those with health-related mobility issues. This Electric Enhancements review highlights the benefits seen by Erika, who suffers with chronic pain and extensive exhaustion.

A few standout features that Erika loves about her Gtech AirRam is that it is “cordless”, “lightweight”, “energy efficient”, “easy to empty”, and “able to move to a very low angle, allowing for getting under furniture.” She is also impressed that the lightweight vacuum cleaner comes with a 2-year guarantee.

5. Northernmum.com

And finally, Jane from Northernmum.com is particularly impressed that the Gtech AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner compresses dirt into bales, and she loves the fact that there is no cord to get in the way while she is cleaning her home.

“No longer do I need to scoop to the floor to pick at black fur or scratch out a congealed bit of food. The Gtech simply looks at it and takes it in its stride. If it falters in any way, all I need to do is lift the lid and remove two compact squares of dust, then start again.

There is no cord, no faffing about plugging and unplugging. The design makes it flexible and easy to get into corners that used to involve complex positions with a nozzle.”

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* Performance comparisons based on independent test to IEC 60312-1 ed 1.1 sec 5.1 and 5.3 when compared to mains powered upright vacuums (Source: GFK, UK Top 17 Branded, 2014).