5 Great AirRam Cordless Vacuum Reviews

5 Great AirRam Cordless Vacuum Reviews

The Gtech AirRam is a cordless vacuum cleaner that is specially designed for floor cleaning, with high performance on both carpets and hard-floors. The highly efficient lightweight design means you can enjoy the cleaning performance of mains powered upright vacuums without the cord. It changes the way you clean your home forever.


Most importantly, people love it. A common theme runs through all the reviews we see: users adore the freedom, convenience and performance of both our AirRam and our AirRam K9 cordless vacuums, while at an affordable price.

1. "Can Gtech’s daring upright cordless cleaner compete against Dyson’s world-conquering benchmark stick?"

"If price is a major obstacle and you’re looking for a stupendously good cordless vac that is a breeze to use and extraordinarily efficient, then the Gtech AirRam MK2 has few peers. Its ability to clean carpets down to the webbing is second to none, its bin system is magical and it goes on running for up to 40 minutes at a time. Figure in the handy headlight and wherewithal to reach deep under beds, and you have one of the most commendable upright cordless vacs on the market."

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2 "...the Gtech AirRam Mk2 in all its glory."

"Possibly the greatest cordless upright vacuum on the market today at an extremely attractive price. The Gtech AirRam brings together 15 years of innovations. It is lightweight, versatile and has some technology that no other cordless vacuums have. Subtle features on the AirRam such as the condensing dirt collection system - which keeps your vacuum light but also makes it easy to empty - and the front-facing LED light system really help you clean your home in a way that other cordless vacuums at this price point can't. If you're looking to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner for your home and you're unsure of what vacuum is right for you then I would personally recommend the Gtech AirRam, it's the perfect all-rounder and the price means it comes in way under many of the competitors."



3. "The Gtech Air Ram has taken the upright cordless vacuum cleaner and moved it up a gear."

..."You see there are features on the Air Ram that you didn’t realise you needed until you see them. Once you see them you wouldn’t feel comfortable using a vacuum cleaner without them. As an example the integrated headlights, Gtech have included them on the Air Ram and the Multi. If someone had said a great feature of a vacuum cleaner would be headlights I would have laughed and thought they needed help. However, help is exactly what they bring!

....The Gtech Air Ram has a height adjustable handle, it is the perfect height no matter who is using it. The self contained dust receptacle is another great example, it compresses dirt and stores it somewhere that you simple slide the dirt out of. No mess on you or the floor.

The thing is, whilst these features aren’t complex, groundbreaking or particularly revolutionary, they are what make the Gtech Air Ram in my opinion the best cordless upright cleaner on the market today."

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4. "This model of cordless vacuum cleaner from GTECH could just have all of your cleaning issues solved."

"It works excellently across all floor types and offers great levels of power that are sure to leave you feeling impressed with the finished result. In addition to this, the runtime and short charge period mean that you always have enough time to get your home perfectly clean.

While it does lack attachments, the option to purchase the accompanying handheld vacuum is there – and it does a fantastic job. Plus, if you have pets, the K9 makes for an even better choice overall.."

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5. "I’ve been vacuuming for the past 35 years and I can’t say I have ever enjoyed it – until I tested the new Gtech AirRam Mk2."

"Having put this product to the test I would definitely replace my cylinder vacuum cleaner with the AirRam Mk2. Quirky features like the headlights which I didn’t think I needed are in fact extremely useful when getting into corners and under the bath and sofas. The way the dirt collects in the cylinder, and how much is actually collected, is strangely satisfying. Emptying the tubular dirt bale is probably one of the most rewarding results of vacuuming the house. Obviously the carpet looks cleaner, but the satisfaction of ejecting large quantities of dirt into the bin can’t be beaten."

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