Battery Care for your Gtech Garden Tools

Battery Care for your Gtech Garden Tools

As the leaves start to brown and nights draw in, its time to think about packing away your garden tools and furniture, ahead of winter. The change in temperature can have a negative impact, especially on batteries.

Many of us will not give our battery garden tools. a second thought during winter – until spring rolls around and we find our batteries are dead as dodos. The solution? Correct storage.

Storing your garden tools and batteries

At the heart of all Gtech products is a powerful Lithium-ion battery, and these should be stored at room temperature, but not in direct sunlight. Keeping them in a dry area is also very important.

We recommend that your batteries are charged to a minimum of 30% (two green lights on LED display) prior to winter storage, and checked every two-three months during storage time. If the state of charge falls below 25%, the battery should be recharged to prolong its life and prevent over-discharge.

So, why do batteries discharge quickly in cold weather?

The electric current from a battery is generated when positive and negative terminals are connected. This initiates a chemical reaction that generates electrons to produce a charge to those terminals.

At lower temperatures, the battery’s chemical reaction is slowed and its ability to provide sufficient power is diminished. An unused battery also deteriorates at a faster rate than one that is used and recharged regularly, as the chemical reaction inside cause it to self-discharge.

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