Post Christmas Clean Up Checklist

Click here to get your printable Post-Christmas Clean Up checklist

Post Christmas Clean Up checklist

It’s that time.

Time to start thinking about putting the decorations away, cleaning up those pine needles, and getting ready for the new year. And we want to help!

Here’s a little list to help with those tedious tasks, available to print off at the bottom of this email, to tick off as you go.

1. Comfy clothes, always.

Comfort is key! So put away those tight jeans and reach for the Christmas PJs (for one last time).

2. Get the right playlist on.

Cleaning is boring without a good song to boogie along to! Check out our blog post for the ultimate cleaning playlist

3. Start with the surfaces.

Use the Gtech Multi for those leftover crumbs from the gingerbread house, then give everywhere a good wipe down.

4. Dust away the cobwebs.

Take down the lights and take up the opportunity to get into those neglected nooks and crannies. With its range of attachments, you can reach up high with the Gtech Pro 2, without having to grab the stepladder.

5. Time to vacuum!

You might’ve been putting off tackling the leftover glitter and pine needles, but a quick vacuum can change the whole look and feel of your home. Grab your cordless hoover, crank up the music, and you’ll be done in no time.

6. Aaaaand relax.

Put the kettle on, grab some Christmas leftovers, and get your feet up. Ready for a fresh start in a fresh, clean home.