The Gtech HyLite cordless vacuum is robust, compact and lightweight, while still offering outstanding cleaning performance. At just 1.5kg**, with a 20 minute runtime*, vacuuming will never be the same again.

  • Upright & Handheld Vacuum
  • Lightweight at 1.5kg
  • Low Maintenance, Hygienic Cleaning
  • Compact for Easy Storage
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HyLite lightweight vacuum cleaner with enhanced performanceHyLite lightweight vacuum cleaner with enhanced performance

Enhanced performance

Most vacuums suck the dirt through long hoses and tubes, which can become blocked easily. The HyLite collects the dirt just 1 cm from the floor, and this shorter airpath reduces blocking.

HyLite lightweight vacuum cleaner in handheld modeHyLite lightweight vacuum cleaner in handheld mode

Perfection through innovation

Gtech have designed the HyLite for homes of the future. The HyLite cordless vacuum is built to be speedy, durable and easy to use. It cleans fast and well, and runs efficiently, using hardly any power. It’s low maintenance, with simple dust disposal and storage. The Gtech HyLite takes us into our new age of vacuuming…

HyLite lightweight vacuum cleanerHyLite lightweight vacuum cleaner

Luxuriously Lightweight

When you first experience the HyLite, it’s hard to believe that such a lightweight product can deliver outstanding cleaning performance. Lifting and carrying the HyLite cordless vacuum is effortless. The handle extends at the touch of a button and instantly retracts to store away in a drawer. Cleaning your home has never been easier.

Eliminate the dust cloud…

Fused together at the top and sides, our hygienic vacuum bags are robust so they can retain dirt and avoid tearing during disposal, so you avoid the dust cloud when emptying and keep your home dust free.

Enhanced cleaning capacity…

In order for you to get the most use out of each bag, the airflow continually pushes dirt down into the bag as you vacuum. This means each bag can hold more dirt than you might be accustomed to with products of a similar size. The pleats in the bags increase their dust capacity, meaning you can go longer without having to change them. You still get the same performance cleaning versus a bagless vacuum, but they’re more efficient because they don’t have a cyclone bin that uses additional power.

Triple layered filter bag…

The HyLite’s vacuum bags are made up of three layers, offering convenient cleaning as well as a more hygienic vacuuming experience. The layers of the bags are breathable and filter different grades of dust and debris. This helps the HyLite's airflow compress the dirt more efficiently, giving you maximum capacity and durability. Each bag essentially acts as a filter, trapping dirt and dust, so you’re getting a fresh clean every time you use a new bag. Our breathable bags are more environmentally friendly, as there is no need to use a plastic bag each time you empty your vacuum like you would with a bagless vacuum.

How long will the bag last?

The number of bags you’ll use depends on how many people live in your home, whether or not you have children and pets and your general cleaning schedule. Average home, where cleaning is done 3 times a week, average just 7-15 bags a year. You will get x4 bags included FREE with your HyLite, and an extra pack of x15 replacement bags costs just £12.99.

HyLite lightweight vacuum cleaner low maintenance

Low maintenance living

The HyLite vacuum cleaner is a modern product for busy lifestyles. There are no filters or bins to clean out and, because the dirt is kept in the floor head, there are no tubes or hoses to get blocked up. The HyLite saves you time and lets you get back to what’s important.

HyLite lightweight vacuum cleaner used on stairs

Versatile cleaning

The HyLite’s telescopic handle extends and retracts instantly for intuitive cleaning. It can be removed in seconds, transforming this lightweight upright into a cordless handheld cleaner. With the freedom of flexible movement, this lightweight rechargeable vacuum cleaner offers proven cleaning performance in both upright and handheld mode. The HyLite instantly adapts to floor surfaces, upholstery and stairs - all with no settings or sockets to change thanks to the convenience of cordless.

HyLite lightweight vacuum cleaner easy storage

Simple storage

In upright mode, the HyLite vacuum stands up on its own, but its super telescopic handle and compact size means you can store it anywhere. Wherever you keep it, this cordless vacuum cleaner is ready for action in seconds. Simply extend the handle, or easily remove it, and you’re ready to clean. Our handy storage bag is also available to keep your HyLite safely packed away - whether in a drawer or hung on the back of a door - for just £9.99.

HyLite lightweight vacuum cleaner low profile handle

Keeping a low profile

The Gtech HyLite features a low profile, reclining handle so that you can reach under sofas and beds. Its manoeuvrability makes it so easy to clean around your home without worrying about moving heavy furniture. Make cleaning more enjoyable with this portable vacuum and embrace the convenience of bagged cleaning.

HyLite Power Head (x1 Dust Bag Fitted)
HyLite Telescopic Handle
HyLite Battery
HyLite Charger
HyLite Dust Bags x3
Hair Removal Tool
HyLite lightweight vacuum cleaner power head HyLite lightweight vacuum cleaner telescopic handle
HyLite lightweight vacuum cleaner battery HyLite lightweight vacuum cleaner charger
HyLite lightweight vacuum cleaner dust bags HyLite lightweight vacuum cleaner hair removal tool
Warranty 2 Years
Cordless Yes
Vacuum Type Upright and Handheld
Suitable For Carpets, Hard Floor, Stairs
Model SCV100
Bagged or Bagless Bagged
Battery Voltage 14.4V
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Runtime Up to 20 minutes
Charging Time 2 Hours
Bag / Bin Capacity 0.3L
Weight 1.5kg
Dimensions (H)109cm x (W)28cm x (D)18cm
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Gtech performance verification data logo

This section explains how we calculate the claims we make in our advertising. Where we can, we test our products in accordance with IEC guidelines using standard IEC62885-2 - these are official international standards for comparing vacuum cleaners. If there are no suitable test standards, we use real homes and record real-life data. Data sample size varies - we test in at least 10 different households and up to 50 if it is practical to do so. Finally, if neither of the above is suitable, we will set up laboratory testing to try and replicate real-life usage.

Why do Gtech believe the HyLite is the smallest, most compact high performance vacuum cleaner in the world?

While it’s not practical to check every vacuum cleaner on sale in every store in every country, we do believe this to be true based on our research. We’ve searched the internet for ‘compact’, ‘small’ and ‘light’ vacuums - the HyLite was more compact and lighter than any we could find. We monitor new launches and work with international retailers, so we’re always aware of the latest products on the market.

We also checked all the vacuum cleaners sold in key UK channels - Argos, John Lewis and Currys. There aren’t any lighter, smaller or more compact vacuums than the Gtech HyLite and they all (apart from our own AirRam models) incorporate long tubes.

Our engineers are all highly skilled and experienced - they regularly visit trade fairs and factories to keep up to date with the state of the art in the vacuum cleaner industry. With over 80 years of vacuum cleaner development under their belt, our product design team work hard to ensure everything we manufacture is built for modern homes and lifestyles.

Can you prove that 'the HyLite's shorter airpath reduces blocking?

We have considered all the main, ‘state of the art’ vacuum cleaner construction methods currently used in our industry. Surprisingly, very few manufacturers attempt to make vacuum cleaners compact or shorten the airpath.

Many of our competitors’ manuals/ product guides instruct users to check the tubes (particularly the bends) for blockages if performance reduces. As the HyLite doesn’t have long tubes or any bends, we can be confident that this problem will not be present with the HyLite.

What do Gtech consider to be a ‘high performance vacuum cleaner?

There are internationally agreed methods (IEC standards) of measuring vacuum cleaner performance on carpets, hard floors and hard floors with deep crevices. We consider products with a cleaning width of at least 250mm (10 inches), which achieve an average score of at least 60% across the 3 tests, to be ‘high performance. You can see performance results of the HyLite and competitor vacuums here

What makes the HyLite battery ‘professional grade?

It’s important to us that we use the best possible components in our products. That’s why we’ve gone for Samsung Lithium-ion batteries - they’re reliable and robust, two of the most important elements for professional users.

How do Gtech test the HyLite's runtime?

We test all our floorcare products in accordance with IEC standards (international guidelines that all floorcare manufacturers have to follow). The HyLite achieved an average runtime of 20 minutes 27 seconds when tested on 50% hard laminated floor and 50% 10mm pile carpet which is what we believe best represents a real home. You can see the performance results of the Hylite here

The HyLite’s runtime will be a bit longer when the bag starts to fill up and when you use it in handheld mode. This is because there’s less air resistance and strain across the vacuum’s fan, so less power is needed. The runtime may be slightly shorter if you’re only cleaning carpet, especially if it has a thick pile.

What do Gtech mean by ‘low profile?

The HyLite is specially designed to clean underneath furniture and in areas that some other, bigger vacuum cleaners can’t reach. At just 70mm high, and with a reclining, telescopic handle, you can easily reach under most sofas and beds with the HyLite.

*Runtimes quoted may vary depending on surfaces cleaned.

**Weight = 1kg in handheld mode; 1.5kg in upright mode.

All products ordered from www.gtech.co.uk or by telephone from Gtech are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you change your mind, we ask that you return the product to us in its original condition in its original packaging with your proof of purchase within 30 days. We will happily either exchange it or give you a full refund. Please note we are happy to arrange the return carriage but we do ask that you cover the cost which incurs a charge of £10. Our 30-day money-back guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

Includes 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.