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How much do cleanfluencers earn on Instagram?

Have you ever stopped to think about how much the top cleanfluencers (cleaning influencers) earn every time they post?

Capturing hundreds of thousands of their followers’ attention, in today’s world of social media there is a tidy profit to be made simply by being good at cleaning. Who’d have thought it, eh?

Take a look at our helpful infographic, below, to find out how much your favourite cleanfluencer makes for a quick video or sponsored post on Instagram.

Cleanfluencers Infographic

Instagram earnings per post

Name Instagram Handle Average Earnings per Post
Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin thehomeedit £10,546.76
Marie Kondo mariekondo £7,726.36
Sophie Hinchcliffe mrshinchhome £8,008.58
Becky Rapinchuk cleanmama £2,092.06
Ría Safford riorganize £878.51
Kathryn Snearly doitonadime £741.02
Toni Hammersley abowlfulloflemons £718.58
Lynsey Crombie lynsey_queenofclean £714.24
Samantha Pregenzer simplyorganized £704.11
Danielle Dixon housetohomeatlast £667.20
Gemma Bray the_organised_mum £644.05
Nicola Lewis thisgirlcanorganise £477.61
Iryna Federico fromgreatbeginnings £399.46
Megan Hickman lovemeg09 £390.05
Melissa Maker cleanmyspace £335.05

Instagram likes vs posts

Name Instagram Handle Total Instagram Posts Average Likes per Post
Sophie Hinchliffe mrshinchhome 282 433,417
Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin thehomeedit 3,659 13,313
Marie Kondo mariekondo 1,048 10,863
Kathryn Snearly doitonadime 1,449 5,820
Megan Hickman lovemeg09 1,812 4,846
Lynsey Crombie lynsey_queenofclean 2758 1965
Danielle Dixon housetohomeatlast 1,532 1853
Toni Hammersley abowlfulloflemons 3,945 1739
Iryna Federico fromgreatbeginnings 404 1,415
Ría Safford riorganize 1,145 1,355
Gemma Bray the_organised_mum 1,452 1,048
Nicola Lewis thisgirlcanorganise 987 915
Samantha Pregenzer simplyorganized 1,303 878
Becky Rapinchuk cleanmama 5,138 407
Melissa Maker cleanmyspace 2 ,330 397

Data accurate as of 9th September 2021

*Data ordered by most average likes

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