6 Speedy spring cleaning hacks you need to know

6 Speedy spring cleaning hacks you need to know

Turn down the heater and throw down that knitwear: spring has finally sprung.

This means it’s time to swap your woolly gloves for the rubber kind and tend to the cleaning jobs you’ve neglected through the winter months. Yes, it’s time for the ‘big spring clean’.

From cupboards to carpets, blinds to basins, this is your chance to put those Marie Kondo cleaning techniques into practice and make your home sparkle again.

To help you get started with your spring clean, we’ve compiled six of our favourite vacuum cleaning hacks. It’s time to freshen up.

1. Unblock air vents in an instant

Have your air vents seen better days? Here’s a quick hack to get them looking fresh.

Firstly, move your Multi’s extension hose between the slats to dislodge big dust clusters. If your air vents are too narrow, simply dip a rag in a cleaning agent (washing-up liquid is fine) and wrap it around a butter knife. Then, move the knife over each individual slat to clear up any remaining dirt.

Gtech Multi handheld vacuum with extension hose

2.  Kill bad smells with baking soda

If vacuuming alone doesn’t kill the bad smells on your furniture and flooring, there is another quick and easy option to try – and all it takes is a handful of baking soda.

To remove lingering odours, sprinkle around 1tbsp baking soda on the offending area and wait for 30 minutes while it absorbs into the fibres. Then, vacuum it away. The result is odourless and chemical-free fabric!

3.  Branch out with your brush attachment

While your vacuum’s brush attachment might be made for cleaning musty fibres, we bet you didn’t know you could use it as a feather duster, too.

Thanks to its lightweight bristles, all it takes is a gentle brush over blinds, lampshades, bookcases, and mirror frames to give your space a fresh look.

4.  Remove carpet dents with ice cubes

Carpet dents have a nasty habit of ruining a living room’s look. Thankfully, they don’t need to be a permanent fixture on your flooring with this cleaning hack.

To give your carpet a plump new pile, simply head to the freezer, grab a handful of ice cubes, and place them on the dented area. As the water melts, your carpet fibres will swell back to their normal size.

Once the area is dry, run your vacuum back and forth over the fibres to finish it off.

5.  Make your own hardwood floor cleaner

Expensive hardwood floor cleaners are so last year. To save money this spring clean, why don’t you try a homemade cleaning solution using just white vinegar and water?

To make your mixture, fill a bucket with warm water and add 2 tbsp white vinegar. Then, dip a microfiber towel in the solution, wring it out, and attach to a mop handle. When you’re all done, dry your freshly-cleaned floor with a new microfiber cloth. For more on cleaning hardwood floors, take a look here.

TOP TIP: Don’t forget to vacuum and dust your floor before you start mopping, as this will ensure your cleaning solution stays debris-free.

6.  Clean carpet stains with sparkling water

Next time you come across stubborn carpet stains, break out the sparkling water.

Perhaps you’ve spilt red wine or have a pet who can’t keep their mucky paws away. To remove these stubborn stains, simply blot the area with sparkling water (enough to cover the stain) and spray a mix of 1:1 warm water and white vinegar.

After around 30 minutes, rinse the area with water and dry with a clean microfiber cloth. By this time, the stain will have lifted. The result is a beautiful, mark-free carpet.

TOP TIP: You always want to blot rather than rub stained areas. If you rub, you could force the stain further into the fibres, which will make it more difficult to clean later down the line.

Now you know what it takes to clean your home like a pro, take a look at our Gtech cordless vacuum range to make a speedy start on your spring cleaning.