The best 5 Christmas gifts for cleaning lovers

While perfumes, bath gift sets, and cosy slippers might be top of many a shopper’s gift list this Christmas, they’re not the most… sentimental. Personal gifts that say ‘I know you’ are far more memorable – and, for many cleaning lovers, a stocking-full of cleaning supplies could be just what they’ve always wanted!

But before you pop a bow on that Domestos or gift wrap the all-purpose wipes, you should know that there are tonnes of wonderful cleaning gifts for her and him that are just as wow-worthy as the typical presents under the tree!

Want to know what to buy for someone who loves to clean? Take a look at our top picks, below.

1. Bear & Bear’s Steamery Lint Brush - £14

Mainstream lint brushes often go the way of high street umbrellas: you get exactly what you pay for. And just like cheap umbrellas, which break from the lightest puff of wind, low-cost lint rollers only remain sticky for the first garment and then – poof! – they’re useless.

That’s why your cleaning-obsessed friends need the brawn of Bear & Bear. Their Steamery Lint Brush is specially made with polyester weave that targets lint, hair, fuzz and dirt with one swift swoop. Unlike sticky tape rollers, this lint brush doesn’t leave glue marks and works on all fabrics.

We especially recommend this house cleaning gift for pet owning pals – their thick black winter coat will thank us later!

2. Scrub Daddy’s Non-Scratch Scrubbing Sponge - £11.99

Yes, they probably have tonnes of scrubbing sponges in their cleaning cupboard, but has your cleaning-obsessed pal invested in a Scrub Daddy yet?

If the answer is ‘no’ then it looks like you’ve found the ideal stocking filler for your spotless friends!

Made with FlexTexture, an exclusive material for Scrub Daddy, this non-scratching scrubbing sponge changes texture depending on the water temperature: firmer when in cold water to facilitate tougher scrubbing scenarios; softer in warm water for light-touch cleaning. It’s a one-size-fits-all scrubbing sponge – a must-have unique cleaning gift for sink-dwelling friends!

3. Vicoter’s Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner - £10.25

Your pristine pals will tell you that cleaning the microwave can be a real faff, especially after a porridge eruption or soup explosion (or Christmas pudding, for the festive folk). That’s why Vicoter’s ‘Angry Mama’ microwave cleaner can be a real godsend come Christmas.

This neat doll not only looks adorable, fresh out of her wrapping paper, but she is just the right size for cleaning a standard microwave. To use, simply add the white vinegar and water to Mama’s head, twist shut, and then microwave for 3-5 minutes. You know she’s worked her magic once her steaming head has come to a stop. A unique cleaning gift idea for a friend who loves novelty products!

4. Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day Candles – from £7

It might not be a cleaning supply so to speak, but Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day candles lift up any cleaning day. Made with cruelty-free formulas and essential oils, your cleaning-loving friends will simply adore the fresh smell of these garden-inspired scents. Plus, their recycled glass pots look ultra pretty!

Lavender, honeysuckle, and peony are just some of the beatific fragrances to choose from in this calming range – ideal for anyone who loves the refreshing, satisfying essence of a clean home.

5. Gtech’s Pet Hair Hand Vacuum - £169.99

While the shape of an upright pet vacuum might give the game away under the Christmas tree, a hand vac, on the other hand, does much the same job - but is far more subtle.

Just take the Gtech K9 handheld vac , for instance. One of the best on the market for cleaning up impossible-to-shift pet hair, this handy vacuum makes light work of pet fluff that has crammed its way between gnarly carpet fibres and in hard-to-reach corners.

There are even accessories that you can add on to make cleaning jobs even simpler, like the crevice attachment for tight spaces and the brush attachment for dust. An ideal house cleaning gift for anyone who loves a gadget.

Alternatively, the Gtech HyLite 2 works as a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who needs a lightweight vacuum that doubles as both an upright and a handheld for compact cleaning all around the home.

Now you’ve shopped around for your cleaning buddies, it’s time to add to your personal shopping list. So, why not make 2022 the spickest and spannest yet with a cordless stick or upright vacuum . Or how about blowing away all the autumn debris with a Gtech leafblower ? Take your pick of our products on our website today!