Vacuum cleaners for your car

The Multi and Multi K9 handheld vacuum cleaners are perfect for everyday use, especially designed to get to the hard-to-reach and awkward spaces in your home and vehicle. Our lightweight technology and rechargeable products allow for maximum power and efficiency when cleaning, and LED headlights illuminate dust and dirt to help you as you go.



Multi K9

Multi K9

Attach a Car Accessory Kit to either the Multi or Multi K9 for enhanced cleaning in your car.

What is the performance of the car vacuum cleaners?

Our handheld vacuums offer power cleaning in your home and car. Both come with a power brush head to tackle the tough dirt and embedded pet hair, whilst being lightweight and cordless for easy, on the go cleaning.

How long do the handheld car vacuum cleaners take to charge?

Both our Multi and Multi K9 handheld vacuums take 4 hours to charge and provide a 20 minute runtime.

Do the cordless car vacuums require a bag?

Our handheld vacuums are bagless, but our Pro and Pro K9 bagged stick vacuums can also be converted into a handheld model for easy car cleaning.

Do the cordless car vacuums come with different attachments?

Both our Multi and Multi K9 come with a crevice tool and extenstion brush for hard to hearch areas in your home. The additional Car Accessory Kit includes a dusting brush for your car dashboard, an upholstery tool for your car seats and flexible cfevice tolls to reach inside car doors and between the seats.

Can you purchase handheld car vacuums in bundles?

Yes both our Multi handheld and Multi K9 handheld are available in our System and System K9 bundles. These includes the Multi or Multi K9 handled and Airram or AirRam K9 upright vacuum for whole home cleaning, plus includes a saving versus buying them individually.