Top tips for vacuuming pet hair

Top tips for vacuuming pet hair

Whether your feline enjoys afternoon snoozes on the sofa or your dog begs for belly rubs after dinner, pesky pet hairs are bound to creep into your home's soft furnishings (regardless of how conservative you are with cuddles).

So, to keep your home clean as a whistle, we asked our experts for their tips on keeping pet hair at bay.

Take a look, below, to see how you can tackle those stray hairs as part of your cleaning routine.

1. Make a clean start

Before you even consider cleaning a fluff-covered armchair or furry sofa, the first thing you need to do is make sure your vacuum is clean and fur-free (after all, you wouldn't clean a mucky surface with a filthy cloth, would you?)

To get your pet vacuum in the best shape possible, it’s a good idea to clear loose dirt and debris from its bin, along with all its attachments. This ensures maximum air can flow through your vacuum when you're picking up pet hairs - a particularly crucial factor when funnelling thick clumps of fur.

If you're using a bagged vacuum, this couldn't be easier - just throw the dirty bag into the bin and replace with a fresh one. Specialist pet vacuum cleaners, such as our Gtech Pro 2 K9, are ideal for dealing with these kinds of quick tidy-ups.

2. Gather your tools

A bog-standard vacuum might expertly clean up dust and debris, but how equipped is it to deal with pet hairs?

To make your cleaning routine easier, think about using new vacuum attachments. For instance, stair attachments (these have a small, flat vacuum nozzle) clean fluff spectacularly from stairs, curtains and upholstery. Crevice attachments (these have long, thin nozzles) are also great for getting to the places where pet hair typically collects, such as around doors, in corners and under beds. Alternatively, why don't you try an accessory kit? This gives you all the tools you need for any cleaning job, from living room carpets to car seats.

There are also special pet-cleaning techniques you can apply to your routine. For instance, if you're having trouble making a particular area fluff-free, try vacuuming in different directions to dislodge loose pet hair. Our handheld pet hair vacuum cleaner, the Multi K9, is ideal for scenarios just like this, thanks to its lightweight and compact design.

3. The magic of moisture

Fancy cleaning materials might look the part, but sometimes it's the simplest cleaning solutions which are the most effective.

For instance, did you know that all it takes to rid furniture of pet hairs is to sprinkle a touch of water to the surface? (It's true - the moisture from the water helps to loosen the hair).

So, next time you have a heavily matted carpet, simply dampen the fibres and quickly sweep the surface with a rubber broom - this will dislodge even the dastardliest hairs. Then, run your vacuum over the carpet to suck up the bound clumps of pet hair (just be careful not to add too much water, as this could make the hairs heavy and more difficult to vacuum).

4. Alternative methods

Once you've finished vacuuming, and before you have a well-deserved sit down, remember to take five minutes to prepare your home for the next wave of pet hair.

One of the ways you can reduce the amount of pet hair that blankets your home, is to invest in an air purifier. These nifty devices capture the pet hair that's hanging in the air. As a result, fewer hairs end up on carpets and furniture.

You can also help yourself by removing pet hairs from their source. No, we aren't asking you to shave your furry companion, although we do advise a regular grooming schedule if you want to keep loose hairs at bay (they'll probably enjoy the long brushing routines, too!)

Still unsure how to effectively remove pet hair from your home? Take a look at our range of vacuum cleaners for pet hair for a speedy - and specialist - cleaning solution.